Harizon Ramli By Yap Leng Kuen

One-stop online center for fitness With emphasis on contactless exercise, a new normal has emerged in online fitness training. The Artisans Haven opens its virtual doors to its first one-stop online fitness center that will focus on exercise, diet and nutrition. To be run by American Council on Exercise (ACE) certified coach Harizon Ramli, this … Continue reading Harizon Ramli By Yap Leng Kuen

520 Style By Yap Leng Kuen

Active promotion of styles on Facebook live The pandemic is no deterrent to 520 Style boutique as it goes on Facebook live to actively promote the latest styles that are mostly imported from South Korea. Staff doubling up as models will don these fashions, while highlighting their special features to viewers, who may then indicate … Continue reading 520 Style By Yap Leng Kuen

Toko Tjantik by Yap Leng Kuen

Toko Tjantik sees good sales of fashion masks Professional by day, Liony Tanuwijaya spends her after hours attending to her newly-opened Toko Tjantik. Launched only in September, the online fashion store based in Jakarta has received encouraging response, especially for handmade, customized, or one-of-a-kind products. “Our fashion masks have received a lot of attention; we cannot … Continue reading Toko Tjantik by Yap Leng Kuen

The Linc By Yap Leng Kuen

Looking to revive activities at The Linc With a vaccine against Covid-19 expected soon, trendy retail mall The Linc, that supports community-related projects, is drawing up plans for people to converge and have activities again. “As the mall comes alive again, we will create back lots of community-driven projects. “There will be a lot of … Continue reading The Linc By Yap Leng Kuen

Camei by Yap Leng Kuen

Concern over shortage of massage therapists Business at Camei Foot Reflexology may be down at the moment on fears over Covid-19, but the shortage of massage therapists is a concerning issue as the company prepares for better times. With news of a possible vaccine coming out as early as next year, the company wants to … Continue reading Camei by Yap Leng Kuen

VIVE Success

Bringing Out the Creativity Vive creations brings out my creativity. I designed most of the artisans digital mall here, before translating it on the computer. Old fashion, ya but it works.Jade Lee. It doesn’t matter if it’s a birthday, Christmas, or even just a random act of kindness- there’s just something special about receiving a … Continue reading VIVE Success

Yap Leng Kuen | Tassiny

Tassiny banks on festive sales Around year end, for the past 20 years, Tassiny that sells school uniforms, bags and related items, had enjoyed brisk sales as parents especially in the Ampang area, would be shopping for the new school term. But this time round, there are no parents and little feet of children running … Continue reading Yap Leng Kuen | Tassiny

Yap Leng Kuen | SF Floormart

Pushing ahead to sell more floor tiles Within the constraints of the Conditional Movement Control Order, SF Floormart & Hardware is eyeing small projects to sustain the company through the hard times. It currently has a two-month project for the supply and installation of 4mm (thickness) of stone polymer composite (SPC) flooring to 133 residential … Continue reading Yap Leng Kuen | SF Floormart

Digi Rewards with SHOP artisans

A big thank you to DIGI for supporting our artisans and small retailers from The Artisans Haven, an artisans digital mall. We curated a fun selection for DIGI users with a token discount. Some of the virtual stores include: Evoke Natural Life Malaysia Candle Pit Stop S.T.U.F Bling Bling Paradise Living Skin Papeleria by Vive … Continue reading Digi Rewards with SHOP artisans

Yap Leng Kuen Series | Asian Esteem

Pick-up in exports of wooden frames As the coronavirus is, so far, brought under control in certain countries, picture frame maker Asian Esteem Industrial is seeing a pick-up in its exports to Australia and Singapore. “In September alone, there was a 20% increase in exports to these countries,’’ said founder B.K. Ng. Demand is expected … Continue reading Yap Leng Kuen Series | Asian Esteem

Yap Leng Kuen Series | Lovebyerna

Enticed by the intricacy of batik It was on a recent trip to Indonesia where Erna and Shariff of LovebyErna Empire saw first hand the intricate art of making batik and decided to start a batik-inspired fashion line. “We actually witnessed the traditional way of producing batik, and that was the turning point for us,’’ … Continue reading Yap Leng Kuen Series | Lovebyerna

Akarana Baby Success

One of the most significant influences in our lives, and arguably, one of the best motivators as well, is our family. Regardless of whoever you consider as part of your family, everybody has an innate desire to protect and provide for their loved ones, especially the youngest and most vulnerable members. If you’ve been searching … Continue reading Akarana Baby Success

Yap Leng Kuen Series | Seng Hup

Seng Hup’s lights of hope Light symbolizes hope. At Seng Hup Lighting, this message shines brightly through the variety of lights ranging from modern, classical to vintage. While the larger chandeliers are popular among owners of high end bungalows, the smaller range of chandeliers and lights are sought after by the young generation of condo … Continue reading Yap Leng Kuen Series | Seng Hup

RISIS Success

RISIS notes that mother nature makes no mistakes. From the magnificence of rugged mountain terrains to the grace of a budding flower, the immaculate elegance and beauty found in all of nature’s creations is awe-inspiring. Despite the glaring differences between nature’s evolution and mankind’s advancements, perfect harmony can exist between the two- and it comes … Continue reading RISIS Success

Yap Leng Kuen Series | Grafiti Angel

Thriving on a bright outlook “Shine bright like a diamond,’’ goes the lyric of a song. For Bludiamond founder Lilian Lo, it is not only the diamonds that are sparkling; everyday for her is a day of smiles. “I’m happy to be in this line; people look for me on joyous occasions. So you see … Continue reading Yap Leng Kuen Series | Grafiti Angel

Yap Leng Kuen Series | HareNet

A line of business born out of Mother’s Love She was shopping for baby products for her three young children when it suddenly occurred to HareNet Marketing co-founder Ammie Chong that these could be a line of business too. “Seeing myself buying and discovering new baby products for my children inspired me to venture into … Continue reading Yap Leng Kuen Series | HareNet

Bling Bling Success

Shine with Bling Bling Paradise Technology - one of mankind’s greatest achievements, and one of the most influential aspects of modern living. Perhaps the best example is one that’s close to home, namely our phones. From how we communicate with each other to how we kill time, our phones are all but fully ingrained in … Continue reading Bling Bling Success

Yap Leng Kuen Series | Corvan

Online sales strategies intensified by MCO Sales had dropped 98% at the start of the Movement Control Order (MCO) period for smart home appliances company Corvan Asia, but it fought back and doubled up on its online marketing. The result was a ‘drastic’ jump, of more than 30% in its online sales, which picked up … Continue reading Yap Leng Kuen Series | Corvan

Corvan Success

Clean with Corvan Now more than ever before, smart and convenient home-cleaning appliances are essential to all households, as they not only ensure a germ-free environment, but also help to save time that could otherwise be spent on other activities. If you’re wondering where to find reliable smart products, let us introduce Corvan Asia, where … Continue reading Corvan Success


The Artisans Haven Scholarship We created an Artisans Scholarship starting from USD1K to sponsor deserving students to study at the award winning Enfiniti Academy. The Artisans Haven showcases the beauty, grace, fun and excitement by artisans in our world. We have many Proudly Malaysian Artisans with exquisite products & talent, and it is our pleasure … Continue reading Scholarship