Meaningful Gifts for Teacher

“But how do you thank someone who has taken you from crayons to perfume’’ From the song To Sir with Love Many types of gifts for Teacher come to mind. If you are thinking of saying thank you with a little gift, for the teachers you know, check this out. At The Artisans Haven, there is … Continue reading Meaningful Gifts for Teacher

Shop for Good at Beautiful Gate

Yap Leng Kuen did a Shop For Good. She says: It’s nothing like the smell of good coffee in the morning. Shopping for a good cause, I bought a box of BG Coffee with five drip bags. Processed by people with disabilities at Beautiful Gate Foundation, the coffee beans come from the highlands of Chiang Rai, Thailand. … Continue reading Shop for Good at Beautiful Gate

Artisan who enjoys jewellery making process

Yap Leng Kuen talks to Nini Chan, an artisan who enjoys jewellery making process. Nini Chan, founder of Nini Jeweller Atelier, enjoys the process of creating a piece of jewellery the most, in her business of crafting and selling these valuable items. “The process from drawing, based on imagination, to a realized form, and meeting … Continue reading Artisan who enjoys jewellery making process

VIVE Success

Bringing Out the Creativity Vive creations brings out my creativity. I designed most of the artisans digital mall here, before translating it on the computer. Old fashion, ya but it works.Jade Lee. It doesn’t matter if it’s a birthday, Christmas, or even just a random act of kindness- there’s just something special about receiving a … Continue reading VIVE Success

Yap Leng Kuen | Tassiny

Tassiny banks on festive sales Around year end, for the past 20 years, Tassiny that sells school uniforms, bags and related items, had enjoyed brisk sales as parents especially in the Ampang area, would be shopping for the new school term. But this time round, there are no parents and little feet of children running … Continue reading Yap Leng Kuen | Tassiny

Yap Leng Kuen Series | Bakery

Enjoying the challenge of finding new tastes When she made her first honey cheese cake three years ago, Jescar Yu of Sweet House Bakery felt very happy and excited. That feeling has now turned into a sense of challenge to find new tastes for her cakes, and to make the perfect cake. “I just want … Continue reading Yap Leng Kuen Series | Bakery

Kirtanraw Art Gallery | Feng Sui Collection | Stay Home Series.

Red Hot LuckAbundanceGolden Harvest The Feng Sui Collection. Kirtanraw gives life to the good wishes of Prosperity. The original paintings are entitled: Red Hot Good Luck, specially for Zapp eWalletAbundance wishes for business ownersGolden Harvest to commemorate successful achievements Kirtanraw The Artist. He got A for Art for his Form 3 exams, but his autism … Continue reading Kirtanraw Art Gallery | Feng Sui Collection | Stay Home Series.