Yap Leng Kuen Series | Smart Trading.

Smart trading and info app from Trade VSA

During the first three months of the Movement Control Order (MCO), Trade VSA that utilizes a digital model for trading on Bursa Malaysia, has seen its transaction volume increase by about 20%.

In line with the trend for computerized investing ideas and generated trades, first time investors and new millenials are particularly attracted to its mobile app that can converse with users and advise them on investing matters.

In rising or falling markets, Trade VSA’s digital market assistant called SMARTRobie comes with profit targets and sell signals, against technical readings and fundamental ratings.

With its new financial broker partner, UOB Kay Hian in Malaysia, this robo-assistant will be promoted to new account holders, and will also be used to revive dormant accounts.

With plans for regional expansion, the company aims to have its SMARTRobie app installed in every investor’s mobile device.

Trade VSA has seen good uptake of SMARTRobie that comes with a chatbot for online conversation.

“We were surprised to see 1,000 downloads from the app store, within a week of its launch in May,’’ said TradeVSA CEO and former fund manager, Martin Wong.

With a growing segment of Malay investors, the Bahasa Malaysia version of the chatbot will be made available soon, while the US markets version of SMARTRobie is targeted for year-end release.

About 50,000 downloads in Malaysia are targeted by year end.

To increase its reach, the company is working with influencers and bloggers, as well as through its own marketing program which is a daily live Facebook show called ‘The Breakfast Show with SMARTRobie.’

Collaborations with partners in the financial brokering industry will widen its reach amongst traditional investors, as well as achieve co-branding of the TradeVSA SMARTRobie.

With the digital upsurge since the MCO, the company sees an emerging trend where investors want information readily, with a lot of educational content and customized advice.

For example, some want information in the middle of the night and it is important to engage customers with the right user experience.

A financial technology company, Trade VSA focuses on volume spread analysis, which is basically the study of the relationship between volume and price to forecast market direction.

Information available on the mobile app includes stockmarket insights, stock trading ideas, fundamental stock ratings and information pertaining to undervalued stocks.

In targeting, among others, new millenials, Wong sees that they will be an ‘investing force presenting multiple opportunities in decades to come as their incomes increase over time.’

A start-up company that was formed in September 2018, Trade VSA has ten staff, and works with developers and scientists outside of the company.

Apart from UOB Kay Hian, Wong is growing the company through SMART business-to-business collaborations and partnerships with other financial players such as e-wallet, payment gateway and royalty program providers.

An increase in account openings by 30% to 40% in Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and the US, has created a lot of scope for expansion overseas.

“This new demand comes from a mix of customers working from home and commuting, and want most things done conveniently through their mobile phones,’’ said Wong.

In the case of Trade VSA, this new normal has certainly given rise to creative use of technology in stock trading and investing.


Yap Leng Kuen had a respected career as a senior business editor and widely read columnist speaking plainly, for the leading local newspaper. She continues to write Plain Speaking for The Star Online.

I am delighted to share her view points and insights, here.

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Pandemic worsens labour shortage in plantations

Industry players are not giving up and will work closely with the government to mechanise even further, so that over time we will become less dependent on manual labour and more cost competitive, ’’ said United Plantations CEO Datuk Carl Bek-Nielsen.

IN THE fight against Covid-19, Malaysia had to close its borders and disallow the entry of foreign workers.


Yap Leng Kuen Series | Cyber Security Talent Search.

Cyber security talent search at Vigilant Asia.

As the pace of digital transformation intensifies, protection from cyber attacks which is akin to the securing of the alarm systems at home, is becoming increasingly important.

But the field of cyber security is short of talent with a key skill in cyber security forensic that Vigilant Asia is looking for.

This is as the cyber security firm is receiving more enquiries on the issue, not just because of the pandemic, but as more users of IT devices are being compromised, especially with ransomware.

Underscoring its search for key talent are the company’s plans to be a regional cyber security firm with partners in other ASEAN countries.

With a staff strength of 40, Vigilant Asia runs internship programmes to identify talent from fresh graduates.

The internship programme draws students from local universities including Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation, Taylor’s and Management & Science University.

Recruitment may be also be conducted through employment consultants and agencies.

The study of computer forensic is offered by local universities under the computer science discipline or computer engineering.

With computer forensic as a good starting point, disciplines in analytics and artificial intelligence will also go well with cyber security.

In computer forensic, a structured investigation is performed with the maintenance of a documented chain of evidence on what had happened on a computing device, and the parties responsible for it.

Vigilant Asia, which is part of the Efficient E-Solutions group, is working with internet service providers that have an existing relationship with companies through the provision of broadband services.

“Today, they want to expand their offerings which can be enhanced by cyber security; instead of building this on their own, they choose to work with us,’’ said Vigilant Asia CEO Victor Cheah.

Currently, the company has mainly go to market partners which have relationships with their markets through some technology support that they provide.

Other partners include system integrators and managed services companies.

Post the Movement Control Order, the new norm involving the wide usage of laptops and mobiles by those working from home, is expected to continue.   

Vigilant Asia sees good demand for its products that protect these devices as people become more aware of security when operating out of their secured office environment.

It provides end point detection and response installed in laptops and computers to assist in round the clock monitoring of abnormal behavior in IT assets such as laptops, and preventing malicious malware from infiltrating these laptops.

For mobile defense, it has an app that can be installed on a mobile device or tablet, that protects the phone from network attacks, malicious apps installed and offers device protection.

Despite strong response to cyber awareness talks, follow-up action is usually slower.

Vigilant Asia has given talks on understanding the cyber threat landscape, and working with Microsoft, it has done demonstrations on how easily phones can be hacked.

More of these educational sessions are being planned online for the rest of the year.

Still at the start-up phase,  activities at Vigilant Asia are expected to gain traction next year.

The company has spent the last two years building a best of breed platform that can deliver cyber security services to a wider audience, with its services being validated by Gartner.  


Yap Leng Kuen had a respected career as a senior business editor and widely read columnist speaking plainly, for the leading local newspaper. She continues to write Plain Speaking for The Star Online.

I am delighted to share her view points and insights, here.

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VS Industry sees positive outlook for EMS

“We will continue to enhance our operational flexibility to minimise the adverse impact on our business operations. By doing this, we hope the positive trend will continue and ultimately, improve our bottom line, ’’ said VS Industry managing director Datuk Gan Sem Yam.(pic)

FOLLOWING the reopening of economies, a number of companies are struggling to get up on their feet again and move forward with their plans.

Living Skin at The Artisans Haven.

Natural skin care from Living Skin.

Company: Living Skin

Founder(s): Lyn Yen & May Suan

See the Passion. Hear the Story.

In a world filled with soulless corporations mass produced generic products, My Living Skin was first conceptualized after longtime friends Lyn Yen and May Suan grew tired of the overpriced and ineffective products flooding the market.

Rather than bemoaning the issues they faced, Lyn and May started experimenting themselves with different ingredients, and eventually this small product-crafting project began to pave the way to a new and exciting journey- the birth of My Living Skin.

My Living Skin stands out as an artisanal haven of skincare solutions meticulously created with clean living in mind and using what nature has to offer, with offered products free from unhealthy ingredients including parabens, artificial colouring and synthetic scents.

One of their best-selling products is their Hydrating Serum. Using a hyaluronic acid base, this serum is perfect for those needing a boost of intense hydration that is quick absorbing and non sticky. It has a long lasting anti-aging action provided by the goodness of specially curated essential oils to improve skin’s texture and tone.

Another highlight from My Living Skin’s repertoire of products are their masks. Ranging from their luxurious dead sea mud mask Under The Sea to their anti-inflammatory mask, Burst of Yellow, you can rest easy knowing that only the most powerful and effective ingredients are used to craft these masks.

Do drop by their website at mylivingskin.com if you’re looking for a healthier, cleaner and simpler solution for your skin’s needs, and don’t forget to check out their Facebook and Instagram pages for all the latest updates at facebook.com/mylivingskin and instagram.com/mylivingskin/ respectively.

We are delighted to welcome Living Skin to The Artisans Haven, an artisans digital mall.


A XO Happygram is an infectious communication of goodwill and happiness. We are delighted to have Xandria Ooi sharing the first happygram of the year, with some of our tenants from The Artisans Haven, an artisans digital mall.

About Xandria Ooi.

Xandria Ooi talks about being happy in Life and at Work. She wrote about practices to overcome life’s challenges in her book, Be Happy Always – Simple practices for overcoming life’s challenges and living each day with joy.

She says, “It’s normal to feel sad or down, that’s human nature. We are human. We can cultivate the parts of ourselves that we want to grow – positivity, kindness, patience and the ability to let go of anything that doesn’t serve us”.

The book helps us understand ourselves, our expectations, our needs, fears and ego and why we can be unhappy. The practice of happiness is about understanding actions that create positive change.

We are also delighted that Xandria Ooi has a Happyness Retreat at The Artisans Haven, to spread good cheer, and help people understand the dynamics of happiness.

Story Teller.

Xin Ni Tan
Tan Xin Ni

The Artisans Haven.

The Mall is a 100 acres of virtual real estate with an art gallery, convention centre, theatre, comedy club, happyness retreat, bazaar, study abroad campus and ticketing counter.

Opening soon, online, on 28 June 2020.