RISIS Success

RISIS notes that mother nature makes no mistakes. From the magnificence of rugged mountain terrains to the grace of a budding flower, the immaculate elegance and beauty found in all of nature’s creations is awe-inspiring. Despite the glaring differences between nature’s evolution and mankind’s advancements, perfect harmony can exist between the two- and it comes in the form of luxurious orchid jewellery handcrafted by RISIS Singapore.

Founded in 1976, RISIS Singapore was established after the discovery of a method to completely encapsulate natural orchids in gold, thus creating a perfect fusion of technology and nature. From then onwards, RISIS has continued to capture their customers’ deepest desires and wildest imaginations by expressing them in the form of intricate pieces of jewellery.

Amongst their many collections, their natural orchid pieces continue to be one of the most delicate and eye-catching. Considered as a Singaporean icon, these pieces are crafted by handpicking the fullest and freshest Orchid blossoms. This is followed by a unique plating process, which first covers each flower in a protective copper coat, then in precious metals such as gold. The pieces are then carefully inspected to ensure that only the best is presented to their customers.

In addition to their natural orchid collection, RISIS Singapore also offers a vast variety of choices and designs for their customers’ perusal, from the minimalistic Peranakan collection to the exclusive RISIS Trésor pieces.

Head over to their website if you’d like to know more about RISIS Singapore’s timeless pieces and collections, at risis.com. Don’t forget to like and follow them on social media too to get to know all upcoming promotions and latest arrivals, at Facebook (facebook.com/risis.official/), Instagram (instagram.com/risisofficial), Pinterest (pinterest.com/risisofficial) and YouTube (youtube.com/RisisOfficialVideos).

The Artisans Haven.

The Artisans Haven, is a digital mall with 100 acres of virtual real estate. In addition to stores, attractions include an art gallery, convention centre, theatre, comedy club, happyness retreat, live studio, campus, adventure park, bazaar and more. The Mall is live & happening at artisanshaven.com.my