Dóro Success

Dóro started from a gesture of kindness amongst two strangers. One who’s given and another received.

When CarrieAnne travels abroad, she was surprised by a pot of succulents sitting by her desk with a short note of well wishes by her landlady. Living abroad, she continues to nurture the plants and started falling in love with the unique hues and textures of succulents.

Each addition to her succulents remind her of the genuine hospitality of her landlady. Upon returning to Malaysia, Dóro is founded to spread the art of curating succulents as a gift of inspiration for others.

Over the years, Dóro has experimented with various nature based gifts and our portfolio now includes a variety of the very best plants and bouquets. All of our gifts are uniquely designed with an element of nature as we strive to deliver happiness and joy to both the giver and receiver.

We would like to think that our journey in Dóro is still at its very beginning, and we are absolutely thankful to all our early supporters and loyal customers who have made our journey a most heart warming one to be cherished – for that we want to say THANK YOU!

By Tan Xin Ni

The Artisans Haven.

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