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Shine with Bling Bling Paradise

Technology – one of mankind’s greatest achievements, and one of the most influential aspects of modern living. Perhaps the best example is one that’s close to home, namely our phones. From how we communicate with each other to how we kill time, our phones are all but fully ingrained in our daily lives. While the best phone brand is up for debate, the best place to customise your phone’s cover isn’t- of course, we’re talking about none other than Bling Bling Paradise.

Established in 2009, Bling Bling Paradise has specialised in creating luxury handcrafted products for over a decade, and to this very day, continues to dominate its niche sector.

If you’re wondering what’s the secret behind their longstanding success, it’s that they utilise nothing but the best when it comes to designing and creating their products. From sourcing premium materials such as Swarovski crystals to having all products handmade by expert craftsmen, rest assured that everything you buy from them will only be of the highest quality.

By Tan Xin Ni

The Artisans Haven.

The Artisans Haven, is a digital mall with 100 acres of virtual real estate. In addition to stores, attractions include an art gallery, convention centre, theatre, comedy club, happyness retreat, live studio, campus, adventure park, bazaar and more. The Mall is live & happening at