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I Love KL is a new brand. Diverse in its culture, rich in its history, and unparalleled in its cuisine, Malaysia is not a country that’s easily summed up in words. If you were to try though, perhaps the best representation for Malaysia, or even just Kuala Lumpur, could be summed up with a single souvenir from I Love KL Sourvenir.

Inspired by the notion of starting a business that could cater to new faces every day, Aesos Lai created I Love KL Souvenir in 2010, a premium souvenir gift shop that has since been serving the ever-changing flocks of tourists travelling to Malaysia. Besides ingraining flavourful local culture in all the products, I Love KL Souvenir also prides itself on being a whole-seller of top quality souvenirs, ensuring that all customers will be able to keep and cherish the memories they’ve made in Malaysia for years and years to come.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, one of I Love KL Souvenir’s best-selling products are the Twin Tower miniatures, an exact replica of one of the country’s most visited sites. Tourists looking for more portable souvenirs could also choose from a large array of keychains, magnets, and T-shirts- all intricately designed and themed around Malaysia’s capital city.

Pioneering the cross between the fashion and tourism industry, I Love KL Souvenir has recently been awarded the Top Tourism Fashion Souvenir 2019 for its expertly-designed products. For more information on I Love KL Souvenir, visit their site at centralmarket.com.my/store.php?id=122 and don’t forget to leave them a like at their Facebook page facebook.com/iloveklmalaysia.

By Tan Xin Ni

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