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Our talented artisans say Wear Me. Beautifully designed. Or hand crafted. Or carefully selected. Never a mass market thing, but an original produce. See the Passion. Hear the Story. At The Artisans Haven. One of a Kind.


Casual, colorful and comfortable. One of its kind hand painted masterpiece.

GoCHeeKS creations caught the fancy of trendy women in Malaysia and beyond. It was a fashion statement to carry a bag oozing fine art, or accessorizing your GUCCI or DIOR with a trendy twilly. GoCHeeKS gave us ART with ATTITUDE. Or a beautiful casual hand painting blouse. Stand out at work, and when you chilling with family and friends. Wear an ARTitude, uniquely your own style.

GoCheeKS at The Artisans Haven

Founder talks about her passion, and how she came to be making these creations.

GoCheeKS at The Artisans Haven

Emerald Brilliant

An expert seamstress who build a successful business. Her cheongsams are much sort after.

Madam Kong Yoon Yoon is an incredible lady, who at the age of 60 something, still helps her customers choose and fit cheongsams. She has a great eye for colors and fabric for her beautifully bespoke outfits.

Emerald Brilliant Cheongsam Boutique has a long history in Cheongsam making with more than 40 years of business experience since 1973 . It specialized in making exquisite oriental clothing , nightgowns , Chinese fashion , suits , elegant Malay fashion and all kind of Uniform.

Madam Kong established Emerald Brilliant and started branding in 1973 at Cheras . She graduated as a Fashion designer at IFTC (International Academy of Fashion & Design) in 1973.

Emerald Brilliant at The Artisans Haven
Emerald Brilliant at The Artisans Haven


A young lady brimming with talent brings comfortable and eco friendly T-shirts to our market.

S-T-U-F at The Artisans Haven
S-T-U-F at The Artisans Haven

Founder talks about her designs and her passion about being eco friendly.

Estee Chan launched S-T-U-F, an eco-streetwear brand that uses eco-friendly fabric for its clothing. She is a young lady with a passion for fashion, and the environment. This dynamic lady spent about RM50,000 in capital to start up the company.

Microplastic pollution is where synthetic materials treated with chemicals, rub off toxin on our bodies. And when the clothes are discarded, and end up in landfills, the chemicals continue to leach and into the earth.

Estee Chan ensured that her fashion line did not add to this issue. Her streetwear brand is eco-friendly. Sourcing to manufacturing the garments is all eco-friendly. The first launch is mostly t-shirts. The brand’s motto is “Save the Uncertain Future”.

S-T-U-F at The Artisans Haven

Trio Ulti

Imaginative, colorful and cool designs is the hallmark of this budding company.

Trio Ulti at The Artisans Haven
Trio Ulti at The Artisans Haven

Founder talks about how he started this business, with his wide.

Ben and Ee Va Ong are two fun loving and dynamic power couple, who started Trio Ulti. As the name suggests, it is all about ultimate fun, extreme sports and adventure. These super fit millennial are also fans of flying discs and Ben is the former president (and after 2 terms, now vice president) of the Malaysian Flying Disc Association.

The company specializes in designing and outfitting individuals and teams with top-notch merchandise that will showcase and flatter your every move on and off the field. These are really cool designs, and reflect the quirky & dynamic nature of the husband & wife team.

Trio Ulti at The Artisans Haven


By Lovebyerna Empire. Coming soon, and debuting at The Artisans Haven.

The brand ERNA, Creative and visionary Artisan Fashion individual with exceptional clothing taste for every woman. Following her love for fashion, both Erna and her hubby, Shariff, decided to embark on their passion for ladies’ fashion. Inspired by the traditional batik motive, ERNA has a wide selection of Love-Caftan with wrap skirt (pareo), which accentuate the inner self of every woman. ERNA has capitalized on the daily needs of every woman by simply understanding the basics of ladies needs when it comes to fashion. It’s all about #beyourself.

From casual, formal to evening soiree, every piece is design and made with love. ERNA covers a wide array of designs for the average to the most sophisticated of woman. Each motive symbolizes expression of love, happiness, beauty to attract attention with its fascinating design.
The Heart shape button on every piece which symbolizes “Love & Passion”.

Batik at The Artisans Haven
Batik at The Artisans Haven
Batik at The Artisans Haven


Coming soon and debuting at The Artisans Haven. Talented fashion designer and founder explains the story behind the symbol.

The Spider Shop – Coming Soon
The Spider Shop at The Artisans Haven

Must Try. Wear Me. Artisans.

Our talented artisans are producing products that say Wear Me!! See the Passion. Hear the Story. The Artisans Haven.

Support our Malaysian Artisans

David Keirsey found that artisans have exceptionally keen senses, and love working with their hands. They want to be where the action is; they seek out adventure and show a constant hunger for pleasure and stimulation. 30% of the population are artisans and they create beauty, grace, fun, and excitement the rest of us enjoy in life.

Our Malaysian artisans are talented and their crafts admirable.

The Artisans Haven, Proudly Malaysian

The Artisans Haven is 100 acres of virtual real estate with select artisans and retail stores. Attractions include a bazaar, art gallery, convention centre, theatre, studio, comedy club, happyness retreat, study abroad campus and adventure park. We built the artisans digital mall to help Proudly Malaysian entrepreneurs conquer the online market. We want to share the passion and stories of our tenants with the world.

See the Passion. Hear the Story. Visit artisanshaven.com.my now.

Trio Ulti Store at The Artisans Haven
S-T-U-F Store at The Artisans Haven
GoCheeKS Store at The Artisans Haven

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