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Martin Wong

Martin Wong is the developer of Robie AI Chatbot and is a market strategist, and the author of the best selling book, Dividends Don’t Lie. Robie, the chatbot marketing assistant is the 1st in Malaysia and possibly Asia, helping millennial to explore the stock market.

TradeVSA System Sdn Bhd is 1st Financial Technology Company that focuses on Volume Spread Analysis and its related methodology. Volume Spread Analysis is a unique trading methodology well known amongst Professional Traders in the West and becoming popular in Asia.

Unlike conventional method of trading and investing, VSA is neither technical analysis nor fundamental analysis. VSA is able to identify, follow and profit from following the Smart Money – the institutional fund managers, investment banks, big pool traders and professional high net wealth traders.

Using Price and Volume as its trading indicators, Volume Spread Analysis, traders and investors can trade confidently in harmony with them for more consistent returns. No more complicated technical analysis and lagging indicators. TradeVSA’s Mission is to help every traders to “Trade Smarter Everytime” and bring clarity with easier understanding to the complexity of the financial stock market.

Robie Chatbot is for beginners and fresh millennial traders. Combines powerful investing tools – technical, fundamental data and computer algorithms —into a better User Experience. Robie has all the stock investing essentials. Its all-in-one stock idea generation solution that saves time and helps make better decisions. Robie gives top stock trade ideas, full trading plans and results to outperform the markets.

See Martin Wong at The Artisans Haven Convention Centre.

Jade Alphonse

Having survived a very difficult childhood, Alphonse Peter (rest in peace) explored an education in Psychology at the University of Texas at Austin, to understand himself, his life and his direction. This education, key books, his mentors and his personal values have evolved him into a positive, simple and motivated individual, always looking to have a good impact to the world around him.

Alphonse was a fun, engaging and down-to-earth presenter. He had his audience involved, laughing and learning in the session. His ability to reach out to them, both the younger generation and the more experienced, got everyone onboard.

The Alphonse Legacy Series is all about achieving good and sustainable sales momentum. 12 snippets of best practice from our Sales Guru. Alphonse was the CEO of AL Trainings and previously with Great Eastern and Citibank. The AL Training System is a psychological method which blends logical learning doctrines with human response matrix, taking what needs to be delivered in a particular workshop & facilitating it for buy-in, engagement, & practicality.

Jade Alphonse is now the CEO of AL Trainings, leading this family and continuing Alphonse’s legacy of Better People, Better World.

See Jade Alphonse & Team at The Artisans Haven Convention Centre.

Nicholas Chan

Nicholas founded Yellowshorts Consulting & Biz Resilence 13 years ago in   2009. He is an international professional peak performance and management consultant in fields such as Applied Personality Types, Leadership, International Organizational Culture, Team Dynamics and Ideas Facilitation.

He focuses on his clients’ needs and ensures there is good engagement. He puts himself and his team on a path of continuous improvement, be it methods, techniques or tools. Equally important, he wants to bring fun back to training.

Yellowshorts is a boutique learning and development house, a HRDF certified training provider and an Evernote certified consulting agency. It provides training in personal and leadership management, and team dynamics such as personal branding, financial literacy, multi-generational workforce dynamics, mini MBA and social media marketing.

The company’s consultants are Evernote certified professionals and they use the award winning Evernote productivity software to manage & monitor the results. It starts with one on one diagnosis combined with customised work flows, best practices & virtual coaching.

Nicholas has made the business an adventure for his team, his clients and their participants. Yellowshorts promises wacky fun with serious results for human capital development for their clients. His high profile clients include Petronas, NAZA Group, Novo Nordisk Pharma, Slimming Santuary, Arvato-Bertelsman, Holcim Msia, Nikon, Panasonic, Rentokil Initial, McGraw-Hill, British American Tobacco, Philip Morris, Chur Associates, Daimler-Chrysler, Unico-Desa, The Bar Council Msia and more. Wow!

See Nicholas Chan at The Artisans Haven Convention Centre.

Joanna Bessey

The head of the Academy is Joanna Bessey. She is both an respected actress and director. One of her best known for her role as Marie Tan in the comedy Kopitiam which ran for 7 seasons. Bessey has appeared in over 200 episodes of television, 6 TV movies and 5 feature films including La Dolce Amira, Bilik 13, All Mixed Up, Lips to Lips, Buli, 1957- Hati Malaya and Waris Jari Hantu. Bessey also hosted “Exploring Malaysia” on BBC World News.

The Enfiniti Academy of Musical Theatre & Performing Arts was founded in 2011 to develop and nurture creative talent and is today a success story. Puan Sri Tiara Jacquelina, a highly respected & accomplished veteran was the founder. Today, the dynamic & eloquent Joanna Bessey heads the academy.

Enfiniti Academy has trained more than 8000 students aged between 3 and 53 for the past 9 years. It is the alumni to famed artistes such as actress, TV host and beauty queen Amelia Henderson, singer-actress Tria Aziz, actress Jasmine Suraya Chin, actress Bella Dally and singer-actress Aisya Hasnaa. The academy works with Ministry of Education and English Language Training Centre to teach English through drama in schools. It also has a joint certificate program with MUST University (Malaysia) and University of Tasmania, Australia.

The Enfiniti Academy offers “Enfiniti PLAY!” a theatre based corporate training that has shown success. Enfiniti PLAY! is a creative change management training course that enhances corporate communication & leadership skills, and freeing the mindset to be more creative at work, and in life. The Enfiniti programs are a success with copyrights. More and more corporates who want to spark creativity in their organizations use Enfiniti PLAY! programs.

It is experiential and taught by real artists. It brings back our childhood and less complicated days. Creativity is released when inhibitions are down. More importantly, it is about working as a team to nurture creativity. Teachers train the muscle memories, so that it gets “played” when people are back in the office. The Enfiniti technique is an internal success. They produced mega shows like OLA BOLA Musical During a live show, they have 200 people on stage, another 200 people off stage, and probably tons of equipment. There is time pressure. The whole set is moved from KL to Penang, Johore Baru and even shipped to Kuching. It has worked well for Enfiniti, and they are sharing their best practices with corporates.

See Effiniti Academy at The Artisans Haven Convention Centre.

Khoo Hsu Chuang

Khoo Hsu Chuang is a financial journalist with over two decades experience. He worked in KL, Singapore, Tokyo, Hong Kong and London, covering financial and capital markets for The Edge, Bloomberg and Thomson-Reuters in print, newswire, internet and digital TV broadcast formats.

Chuang has spent the last decade grilling CEOs, policymakers, academics and politicians as a co-host of The Morning Run on BFM, a business and finance-oriented radio station and as a Contributing Editor and Video Presenter with The Edge Media Group in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Khoo Hsu Chuang about Himself

>  A financial journalist who’s worked at The Edge, Bloomberg, Reuters.

>  Started, managed and sold the auto portal

>  Worked as ajournalist in print, Internet, newswire, radio and TV broadcast formats.

>  Started and currently managing the custom publishing firm KhooPublishing

>  An associate analyst at the corporate governance firm Minority Shareholders Watchdog Group (

>  And still a journalist of sorts, being a co-host of The Morning Run on BFM;

>  A TV co-presenter on The Edge TV (, and

>  A Columnist at Focus Malaysia

>  And .. generally a highly opinionated person who just wants a more honest and clean government deserving of the beautiful country we all live in.

See Khoo Hsu Chuang at The Artisans Haven Convention Centre.


Vinodh has a collection of GoodTalk and GoodLaugh for his Comedy Club at The Artisans Haven. Coming Soon.

Xandria Ooi

Xandria Ooi talks about being happy in Life and at Work. She wrote about practices to overcome life’s challenges in her book, Be Happy Always – Simple practices for overcoming life’s challenges and living each day with joy.

She says, “It’s normal to feel sad or down, that’s human nature. We are human. We can cultivate the parts of ourselves that we want to grow – positivity, kindness, patience and the ability to let go of anything that doesn’t serve us”.

The book helps us understand ourselves, our expectations, our needs, fears and ego and why we can be unhappy. The practice of happiness is about understanding actions that create positive change. “Think positive” and “look for the silver lining” are cliches. It is not that simple. Xandria drills deeper into the complex philosophies and helps us make sense of them.

30 Days Happiness Program is an online program that features her personal practices. It combats negativity. She shares her program to inspire her fans and followers to be happy in life, and at work. It takes one through specific ACTIONS to practice every day. The program consists of videos, worksheets and visual reminders, to start your day. Happiness spreads to the people around you and creates positivity.

See Xandria Ooi at The Artisans Haven Convention Centre.

District 21

It was great to visit District 21 and see its success. We hosted a kids party when the park first opened in November 2014. The park has since served more than 500,000 customers.

The Park Manager Kent Siew and his team member Sharul showed me around. What caught my eye was their latest attraction, a mini version of the Ninja Warrior Challenge like the one we see on TV. This extreme park gives an adventure work out in a safe environment. It is located inside IOI Mall Putrajaya, next to Sovotel Hotel. The well spaced park with its good design can fit large groups of participants easily.

This indoor sport center is creatively themed Post Apocalyse. It is reputed to be Malaysia’s Largest Travel Activities Platform and served over 500,000 customers. Spanning over 6,500 square metres, the indoor theme park features a post-apocalyptic setting with plenty of metal beams, steel walls and colourful graffiti, as well as suspended ropes, chains, and platforms.

See what District 21 offers at The Artisans Haven Adventure Park.


This is the first, and one of very few indoor sky diving in a mall in Asia Pacific. It cost RM 25 million to build, and uses state of the art air tunnel technology. Millions of people globally have already flown in Indoor Skydiving centres. It is one of the fastest growing sports with over 100 facilities worldwide and more to come.

AirRider simulates an actual outdoor at 14,000 feet. It is a joint venture between 1 Utama and Indoor Skydive Australia Group. “The 1 Utama team has been fantastic by bringing in a wealth of experience and understanding of their customer needs. I am extremely proud of the opening of AirRider at 1 Utama E, ISA Group’s first international indoor skydiving facility,” said Wayne Jones, ISA Group CEO.

Wayne is the Co-Founder and CEO of Indoor Skydiving Australia and has introduced a portfolio of Indoor Skydiving facilities in Australia. It caters to the needs of the Australian Military, Skydivers and the Tourism Industry across the country. ISA Group (IDZ) was listed on the ASX in January 2013.

See AirRider at The Artisans Haven Adventure Park.

Most Fun Gym

He helped out at his father’s super bike business in Penang after school, and was the trusted tuner of the Australian community, expats and local enthusiasts who loved motor racing. His first real race was on a Montessa loaned to him by a kind Australian, at a dirt bike circuit at the age of 17.

At 19, he finished 1st in class in his first Penang Grand Prix production race on a Yamaha RD250 and continue to dominate the races thereafter. The Yamaha RD250 was also a loan to him by his kampong friends from his dad’s shop. In the golden years of the 80’s he dominated the GP bikes races as the top local rider for both Suzuki and Yamaha. He was 2nd overall at the Macau GP production race on a Yamaha FZ750. He raced alongside biking legends such as Barry Sheene, Randy Mamola, Ron Haslam, Eddie Lawson and Wayne Gardner. In 1991, he was invited out from retirement by Suzuki Malaysia to take part in Suzuki RG250 as a guest rider, and he went on to win that race.

His stint in the corporate world included a stint in Shell Malaysia heading the motorsports division, and in PROTON Malaysia where he headed the Lotus Cars Division. After retiring from Lotus, Kah Beng set up a truly Most Fun Gym (MFG) motor cross playground, near 1 Utama Shopping Mall in Petaling Jaya. I caught up with him at MFG, after 7 years and he was still the bubbly super motor sports enthusiast. Purring on his Kawasaki, he showed me around the incredible adventure land he has built over the last 5 years.

He turned the multi acres of rough uphill terrain leased from Mofaz, into an epic motor cross track for the young and young at heart. It is carefully planned out for beginners as well as the more experienced bikers looking for a dirt biking experience. For a very modest fee, you can trial with a rented motorbike, helmet, and protective gear, with motor cross boots as an option.

See MFG at The Artisans Haven Adventure Park.

4×4 Overland

Thomas Foo’s life is an adventure & his explorer business is a success. He has a record of 100 countries visited and is a pioneer in overland expeditions. Sharing his passion, he is also a partner in Explorer Outfitter an adventure outdoor retail store in 4 malls, and owns a camping shop, Outdoor Centre, in Kuala Lumpur.

At the young age of nine, Thomas hitch hiked from Kuala Lumpur to Ipoh to visit his scouts cubmaster in Ipoh for a trip to Pangkor Island. When he was in Form Three, he helped his scoutmaster organize a trip to Thailand by bus for 75 scouts. He also rode a “kapcai” motorbike from Port Dickson to Kuantan.

Thomas said that travel broadens the mind and opens the heart. You see different culture. It makes you a better person. He believes in living life to the fullest. Thomas is a partner in Explorer Outfitter an adventure outdoor retail store in Publika Solaris Dutamas, Atria Shopping Gallery, Giant Cheras and Damen Mall. He also owns a camping shop, Outdoor Centre, in Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur. He made his passion for adventure into a retail success.

Wandering through the shop is an experience. It has everything, big and small. It truly offers a diverse choice of different outdoor gears for climbing, hiking, travelling, camping, adventure lifestyle, 4WD expeditions from local and international suppliers.

The company also organize overland expeditions and outdoor workshops to spread the knowledge and skills of outdoor lifestyle. Enthusiasts can learn how to set up camping tents, how to set up fires, how to perform CPR, tie the knots and other useful skills for outdoor activities.

Malaysia Flying Disc Association

Malaysia Flying Disc Association (“MFDA”) is registered under Section 18 of the Sports Development Act (1997) and is recognised by the Sports Commissioner Office, Ministry of Youth and Sports (Malaysia) as the National Governing Body of flying disc sports in Malaysia. MFDA is also a full member of the World Flying Disc Federation (“WFDF”), which is the international governing body for flying disc sports recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the International World Games Association (IWGA).

Clement Heng

Clement wrote his books as a legacy for his children. He had a very successful career, and he wanted to share his secret of success with them. Everyone can be successful. This man has been a sales achiever all his career. He exudes quiet confidence, speaks well and passionate about his job. In his earlier days, sales was about pushing his sales team members for their results. At a Jay Abraham seminar in Singapore, he learnt to ask the scientific questions about the sales process, such as # prospects & presentations, # closure and  # repeat sales. The skill set was honed over the years, to become his proven formula known as PCFAM for sales success.

It also gave birth to the idea that sales success is not just for a few gifted ones. With awareness and discipline practice the PCFAM formula, ordinary people can become extraordinary employees and sales achievers. That’s why he is a sought after speaker and trainer, by companies and those who know him.

See Clement Heng at The Artisans Haven.

Liz & Syed

Innovation at its Best. They are the regular buskers at Jalan Bukit Bintang. With MCO, they are now busking from home, for all of us.

Support our Malaysian Artisans

David Keirsey found that artisans have exceptionally keen senses, and love working with their hands. They want to be where the action is; they seek out adventure and show a constant hunger for pleasure and stimulation. 30% of the population are artisans and they create beauty, grace, fun, and excitement the rest of us enjoy in life.

Our Malaysian artisans are talented and their crafts admirable.

See Liz and Syed at The Artisans Haven.

The Artisans Haven, Proudly Malaysian

The Artisans Haven is 100 acres of virtual real estate with select artisans and retail stores. Attractions include a bazaar, art gallery, convention centre, theatre, studio, comedy club, happyness retreat, study abroad campus and adventure park. We built the artisans digital mall to help Proudly Malaysian entrepreneurs conquer the online market. We want to share the passion and stories of our tenants with the world.

See the Passion. Hear the Story. Visit now.

Convention  at The Artisans Haven
Convention Centre
Auditorium at The Artisans Haven
 at The Artisans Haven
Studio at The Artisans Haven
Comedy Club at The Artisans Haven
Comedy Club
Happyness Retreat at The Artisans Haven
Happyness Retreat
Adventure Park at The Artisans Haven
Adventure Park

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