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Company: Tina Winness

Founder(s): Tina Winness


We’ve all heard of the saying that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but to Tina Winness, diamonds are so much more than just a best friend- they are a realm of infinite possibilities, to be lovingly designed, stylishly cut, and transformed into her next masterpiece.

Before Tina began making her mark as a jewellery designer, she was a designer of a different kind. Instead of priceless diamonds and pearls, her youth was spent dabbling with blank canvases and vibrant paints, a hobby that might have been an early indicator that designing was Tina’s true calling in life.

Regardless of whatever she’s crafting, those with a keen eye may notice that Tina’s designs stand out from the rest. Her secret is that she draws inspiration from all facets of life, be it from nature, geometrical shapes, or even ancient traditions, ensuring that her jewellery will always outshine other pieces, both in design and in creativity.

The Vena Collection is a prime example of some of Tina’s latest creations. Intricately detailed, this collection takes one of the most common shapes in nature, that of leaves, and puts a fresh spin on it, creating jewellery that boast the best of both traditional and modern designs.

For those who prefer more vibrantly-coloured jewellery, the spectacular Blued Gold Collection may be a more appealing choice, as the stunning colour combination is not something typically found on the market.

If you’d like to know more about Tina Winness’ collections, do visit tinawinness.com/. For regular updates on her latest work, do follow her Facebook and Instagram pages at facebook.com/tinawinness/ and instagram.com/tina_winness/ respectively.

We are delighted to welcome Tina Winness to The Artisans Haven, an artisans digital mall.

Story Teller.

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Tan Xin Ni

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