The Martin Wong Series | Post COVID19 Rally.

Martin Wong.

Martin Wong is a Co-Founder of TradeVSA System, a fintech player in the financial market analytics landscape in Malaysia. The company introduced SMARTRobie, a mobile app stock market assistand chatbot for the KLSE stock market. It is very useful new millienial and 1st time investors.

Martin began his career as a system engineer in Intel and later, as technology analyst with Accenture in the Financial industrial for 8 years. After getting his Honours in his MBA, he began to pursue his passion in investment & securities industry. He was a financial analyst in CIMB Investment Berhad and a discretionary fund manager over RM45 million of account under management with Phillip Capital with portfolio in KLSE, SGX and US Markets.

He held 3 licenses in stocks, futures and fund management in CIMB Investment Bank, Jupiter Securities & Phillip Capital Asset Management. He wrote 4 best sellers on investment and trading.

Martin is now a full time investor & trader and helps nurture the youth in financial literacy. He speaks at brokers’ seminars, webinars and a frequent guests in News Strait Times newspaper, NTV7, TradingView, BFM radio station.

Post COVID-19 Market Rally.

Martin Wong talks about the rally and top 5 mistakes.

SMART Robie.

SMART stands for Stock Market Analysis Recognition Technology.

Robie comprises all Stock Investing Essentials, It is an all-in-one stock idea generation solution that saves time and providing trading tips including top stock trade ideas, full trading plans and results that often outperform the markets. Good for beginners. It is a stock market assistant chatbot. Combines investing tools such as data analytics and algorithms.


TradeVSA System Sdn Bhd is 1st Financial Technology Company that focuses on Volume Spread Analysis and its related methodology. Volume Spread Analysis is a unique trading methodology well known amongst Professional Traders in the West and becoming popular in Asia.

Unlike conventional method of trading and investing, VSA is neither technical analysis nor fundamental analysis. VSA is able to identify, follow and profit from following the Smart Money – the institutional fund managers, investment banks, big pool traders and professional high net wealth traders.

Using Price and Volume as its trading indicators, Volume Spread Analysis, traders and investors can trade confidently in harmony with them for more consistent returns. No more complicated technical analysis and lagging indicators. TradeVSA’s Mission is to help every traders to “Trade Smarter Everytime” and bring clarity with easier understanding to the complexity of the financial stock market.

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