The Artisans Haven | Construction Completed.

See the Passion. Hear the Story. Shop at The Artisans Haven.

Artisans Digital Mall Sdn Bhd is delighted to announce that we have completed the construction of The Artisans Haven, a virtual mall & home to more than 50 pioneer artisans, retailers and businesses.

The new norm is here. The virtual mall allows us to explore and discover our Proudly Malaysian artisans, retailers and businesses, from the comfort of our homes or when we chillax.

Girl Power.

The Mall was brought to live by Artisans Digital Mall Sdn Bhd, and its 5 pioneer ladies.

Pioneer Virtualists.

The Mall will be home to many pioneer virtualists, joining us in this Digital Journey.

The Artisans.

In 1978 David West Keirsey published his book, Please Understand Me. He wanted to help people understand each other. The Keirsey methodology is utilized extensively by the Global 1000, more than 75% of the Fortune 500, and more. Over 50 million people from 170+ countries have experienced Keirsey.

The Artisans temperament wants to be where the action is. They seek out adventure and show a constant hunger for pleasure and stimulation. There are many Artisans, perhaps 30 to 35 % of the population, which is good, because they create much of the beauty, grace, fun, and excitement the rest of us enjoy in life.

Going Virtual is the New Norm.

The Coronacrisis 2020 changed the business landscape. Online business presence is increasingly important. 30 of us got together, just before the Movement Control Order (MCO) for a dialogue on social media marketing.

The Artisans Haven showcases the beauty, grace, fun and excitement by artisans in our world. We have many Proudly Malaysian Artisans with exquisite products & talent, and it is our pleasure to share them with everyone. We are working pro bono, to curate a simple & affordable online mall to promote the rich array of their products & talent to consumers countrywide.

Virtual Value for Tenants.

  • Always Open
  • Low Operating Cost
  • Leverage on our Social Media Marketing Expertise to generate more than 10K visitors as a start
  • High visitors-to-tenant ratio at 200-to-1 meaning more chances of discovery for sales opportunity
  • Benefit from Mall’s Comprehensive Facilities – art gallery, convention center, comedy club, theatre and student campus. Low mall operation cost means that the facilities can be expanded easily. Cross selling and bundling opportunities mean more sales opportunity
  • Flexible to monetize business at the stores, bazaar displays, ticketing counter, busk stop, seminars, theatre, comedy club, education campus and more
  • Leverage on experienced and enthusiastic marketeers to share the stories, generate interest and build brands, to help visitors “See the Passion. Hear the Story. Shop at The Artisans Haven.”
  • Friendly service providers such as NetPay that provides tenants value added services such as free product listing

The Artisans Haven.

The Artisans Haven, an artisans digital mall

The Artisans Haven is an artisans digital mall, sitting on 100 acres of virtual real estate with:

  • 50 Proudly Malaysian Stores
  • Happening Centre Court with shows, songs, fashion and contests
  • Bazaar Buzzing with 100 Displays
  • Entertainment Choices from Goodtimes Ticketing
  • Art Gallery with 5 Ongoing Exhibits
  • Convention Centre with 24×7 video sharing at 4 Auditoriums, 1 Grand Theatre, 1 Comedy Club, 1 Happyness Retreat and a Reading Room
  • Study Abroad Campus with visiting lecturers and study abroad & scholarships options

All virtual, of course.

Vibrant Center Court.

Centre Court

The Centre Court is a vibrant haven of activities:

  • Entertainment by Vinodh & Goodtimes entertainment
  • Fashion tips by Sereen Eng and the POSH group
  • Busking by Wan and friends
  • Easy Menang Contest & Promotion
  • Easy Credit Offers
  • Promotional Displays by our Tenants

The Centre Court also leads to more virtual destinations:

  • Ground Floor Tenants
  • Stores
  • Bazaar
  • Art Gallery
  • Convention Centre filled with auditoriums, a theatre, a live studio, a comedy club, a reading room and a happyness retreat
  • Ticketing Counter
  • Campus

Virtual Art Gallery.

Art Gallery
Kirtanraw’s Exhibit

The Art Gallery has 5 ongoing virtual exhibits.

The first exhibition hall contains the masterpieces from Kirtanraw. He got A for Art for his Form 3 exams, but his autism ended his further education. His parents were simple people working in government in Kedah. With what they could afford, his father bought him paint, canvas & art materials and even sponsored a short stint with an art teacher 68km away in Penang.

We are currently on-boarding the paintings for the remaining 4 exhibits.

Virtual Convention Centre.

Convention Centre Lobby
One of 4 Auditoriums
The Grand Enfiniti Academy Theatre
Khoo Hsu Chuang’s DO More Live Studio

The convention centre is an extension of the DO Circle Blog. We bring the blog to live with regular personalities sharing their expertise in virtual auditoriums:

  • Success Stories and Tipping Points
  • Stocking Broking Tips
  • Self Help & Development,and inspiration for happyness
  • Comedy, Drama, Communication & Entertainment
  • Covey Series, Yap Leng Kuen’s very popular weekly articles

Virtual Ticketing.

Goodtimes Ticketing is supporting the local entertainment scene in its transition to virtual media, and giving the opportunity for Proudly Malaysian entertainers to share their talent online. Campus.

A place to link with the one store centre for studies abroad, and available scholarships. Campus
Lecture Hall for briefings by Visiting Lecturers on study abroad & scholarship options Exhibition Hall for Study Abroad Options & Scholarships

First Tenant.

Retired banker with a flair for art, Chee Li Har, is our first virtual tenant with her GoCheeKS Store.


Explore handicrafts and novel products in our bazaar of 100 displays.

Visitors Profile.

The visitors profile is middle class, families and individuals between ages of 21 to 50 years. The tenant mix attracts discovery shoppers, interested in self development, education, arts & handicraft, novel products & unique designs, and with a love of arts, fashion and music.

eCommerce Options & Service Providers.

Tenants can opt for, and deal directly with the service providers. Fees are chargeable by the service providers, if tenants opt for their services.

DCR DCR Marketing has a strong base of merchant & customer base and tenants can subscribe extra services from DCR such as mail order programs, back-end fulfillment services and inventory management.

NetPay NetPay Payment Solution (NetPay) is intended for any person selling online with or without website. It enables them to send and receive payments online either through credit cards or internet banking. NetPay is provided by Interbase Resources Sdn. Bhd. (MSC company), the owner and operator for (Lelong) and (Superbuy). Lelong is the pioneer and No. 1 online marketplace in Malaysia and has been in operations since 1999.

With NetPay Payment Solution, they want to assist anyone selling online to be able to receive payment easily and seamlessly. NetPay is based on our existing payment infrastructure and vast experience and expertise in ecommerce, online payment and fraud management over the last 10 years. This will spur ecommerce in Malaysia and an important step to fulfilling the government’s objective for a developed Malaysia.

RevPay RevPay offers Online Payment Services to Malaysia online retailer or e-commerce merchants. They are TPA regulated under Bank Negara Financial System Act

UPayMe transforms the mobile phone into a virtual payment terminal to provide different payment options for customers whenever, wherever. The mobile virtual terminal then allows the business to offer credit cards as a payment option wherever you are.

About Us.

Artisans Digital Mall Sdn Bhd (ADM) was set up in May 2020 with 2 shareholders, Rosalie Lin and Jade Lee, with the aim of providing a virtual real estate for our Proudly Malaysian artisans and retailers.

Our CEO, Jessie Tan and COO, Ocean Tam are seasoned retailer business executives. Irene Wong is our office manager. Rosalie and Jade are the advisors and curator of the Mall.

ADM is a virtual real estate owner, and rental is the primary source of revenue with a low cost of operations. Cost consists mainly the cost of social media marketing and website maintenance. The company exists and operates virtually.

Rate Card.

The monthly rental for Stores, Art Gallery, Convention Center Auditorium, and any other real estate, existing or created, in the Mall is:

  • RM400 (revised 15 June 2020) for a Store with 10 products, refreshed weekly
  • RM120 (revised 15 June 2020) for a display in the Bazaar for 3 products, refreshed weekly

3 months rental is collected upfront, and renewal for next 3 months is expected before the 1st of following month. If rental is not received by the 1st, the store or display in the bazaar will be removed.

Advertising or promotional space is available at RM200 per week based on a display of 10 products.

3rd Party Real Estate Agents inquiries are welcome.

Mall Concierge.

The virtual contact will be available on 28 June 2020

Tenant Relations.

The virtual contact will be available on 28 June 2020


Sites will be activated on 28 June 2020 for,, facebook/theartisans, instagram/theartisans and facebook/theartisanshaven

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