Enfiniti Academy Series | Breathe In, Eye Contact & Smile.

Salute to the creativity of Joanna Bessey and the creativity at Enfinit Academy. Here’s a peek into a session with this Award-Winning Instructor, Joanna Bessey, with her students.

Breathe In, Eye Contact & Smile.

Enfiniti Academy.

Enfiniti is an award-winning performing arts training center. It offers classes and workshops that cater to children as well as adults. Joanna Bessey and her team are cool & enthusiastic and passionate about boosting talent, communication and leadership skills with its award-winning instructors who have years of experience.

Be trained by our country’s famed & professional actors and actresses, as they share their experiences from performing on stage, in movies and more.

We will be featuring these and more stories at The Grand Enfiniti Academy Theatre at The Artisans Haven, an artisans digital mall.

The Grand Enfiniti Academy Theatre.

The Grand Enfiniti Academy Theatre

Catch Enfiniti Academy at their very own virtual theatre at The Artisans Haven, opening on 28 June 2020.

Artisans Digital Mall Sdn Bhd is delighted to announce that we have completed the construction of The Artisans Haven, a virtual mall & home to more than 50 pioneer artisans, retailers and businesses.

The new norm is here. The virtual mall allows us to explore and discover our Proudly Malaysian artisans, retailers and businesses, from the comfort of our homes or when we chillax.

Virtual Value for Tenants.

  • Always Open
  • Low Operating Cost
  • Leverage Social Media Marketing Expertise of our ad agency, docircle.blog and other resources to generate more than 10K visitors as a start
  • High visitors-to-tenant ratio at 200-to-1 meaning more chances of discovery for sales opportunity
  • Benefit from Mall’s Comprehensive Facilities – art gallery, convention center, comedy club, theatre and student campus. Low mall operation cost means that the facilities can be expanded easily. Cross selling and bundling opportunities mean more sales opportunity
  • Flexible to monetize business at the stores, bazaar displays, ticketing counter, busk stop, seminars, theatre, comedy club, education campus and more
  • Leverage on experienced and enthusiastic marketeers to share the stories, generate interest and build brands, to help visitors “See the Passion. Hear the Story. Shop at The Artisans Haven.”
  • Friendly service providers such as NetPay that provides tenants value added services such as free product listing

The Artisans Haven.

Opening 28 June 2020

The Artisans Haven is an artisans digital mall, sitting on 100 acres of virtual real estate with:

  • 50 Proudly Malaysian Stores
  • Happening Centre Court with shows, songs, fashion and contests
  • Bazaar Buzzing with 100 Displays
  • Entertainment Choices from Goodtimes Ticketing
  • Art Gallery with 5 Ongoing Exhibits
  • Convention Centre with 24×7 video sharing at 4 Auditoriums, 1 Grand Theatre, 1 Comedy Club, 1 Happyness Retreat and a Reading Room
  • Study Abroad Campus with visiting lecturers and study abroad & scholarships options

All virtual, of course.

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