The Artisans Haven | Art Gallery.

Art Gallery, The Artisans Haven.

Enjoy a virtual tour of art exhibitions by our talented local artists. Browse their work at your leisure. And you can connect with the artiste to find out more and arrange for purchase.

1st Exhibition.

Our first collection is by Kirtanraw in Exhibition Hall 1 and 2. His exhibits consist of:

  • Magnificent Horses
  • Beautiful Florals
  • Cars, and Vintage Cars
  • Local Scenes, and Famous Scenes

The Artist.

Kirtanraw got A for Art for his Form 3 exams, but autism ended his further education. His parents were simple people working in government in Kedah. With what they could afford, his father bought him paint, canvas & art materials and even sponsored a short stint with an art teacher 68km away in Penang. His father, Subramaniam, still keeps the 1000+ drawings of Power Rangers. He remembers fondly how his then teenage son was always painting, sitting on the floor.

His father took his own savings and his EPF money to set up a show room in his own house for his son. The artist now has a simple art gallery. He does oil on canvas, and pyrography (fire on word). Most of his painting are created from imagination.

Here is art with a strong memorable, sticky story. The art itself is detailed & deep, and is filled with layers of emotions. Kirtanraw sees something in his beautiful mind and does not stop painting till he has fully expressed his imagination. It is not just a picture but all sorts of imaginable wonders.

The Artisans Haven.

Opening in June 2020

The Artisans Haven showcases the beauty, grace, fun and excitement by artisans in our world.

The Mall is a simple virtual 2 storey building connected to a virtual study abroad campus, art gallery and convention centre. The centre court is vibrant with virtual activities together with anchor tenants, such as Abbie and Friends, Explorer Outfitter, Zapp Signature Store and UPayMe Convenience Store. On the 1st floor, we house artisans on the left wing and retailers on the right wing. The Mall hosts a daily bazaar where retailers can display their products for sale. There is also an entertainment booking counter and a convention center.

The Artisans.

Our local artists are true artisans. They paint with passion and bring out beauty for our enjoyment.

David Keirsey found that artisans are most at home in the real world of solid objects that can be made and manipulated, and of real-life events that can be experienced in the here and now. Artisans have exceptionally keen senses, and love working with their hands.

Artisans want to be where the action is; they seek out adventure and show a constant hunger for pleasure and stimulation.

There are many Artisans, perhaps 30 to 35 percent of the population, which is good, because they create much of the beauty, grace, fun, and excitement the rest of us enjoy in life.

Mall Owner.

Success Stories from Do Circle
Success Stories from Do Circle

The Artisans Haven is owned by Artisans Digital Mall Sdn Bhd (ADM), incorporated in May 2020 with 2 shareholders, Rosalie Lin and Jade Lee, with the aim of providing a virtual real estate for our Proudly Malaysian artisans and retailers.

ADM appointed Jessie Tan and Ocean Tam, as its CEO and COO, respectively. The 2 ladies have more than 10 years experience each in the world of online retail. Irene Wong is our office manager. Rosalie and Jade are the advisors and curator of the Mall. We have 50 pioneer artisan and pioneer retailer tenants who are making the Mall their home.

  • Dedicated to our Proudly Malaysian Artisans and Retailers.
  • Non Profit Mall Operations.
  • Pro Bono Best Practice Mentorship.
  • Commitment to Generate Visitor Traffic.
  • Token Rental.
  • Optional eCommerce.


We made it simple and affordable for artisans to own a store or art exhibition hall of their imagination. We help them articulate this in the digital world, and in a digital mall with targeted traffic.

  • RM400 (revised 15 June 2020) per month for a Store (or art exhibition hall) with 10 products, refreshed weekly
  • RM120 (revised 15 June 2020) per month for a display in the Bazaar for 3 products, refreshed weekly

3 months rental is collected upfront, and renewal for next 3 months is expected before the 1st of following month. If rental is not received by the 1st, the store or display in the bazaar will be deactivated.

Payment Solutions.

Tenants can opt for additional services from friendly service providers. Tenants deal directly with the service providers. Monthly service fees are chargeable by the service providers, if tenants opt for their services.

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