The Alphonse Peter Legacy Series | Evolving Our Sales Warriors.

The Program.

Jade Alphonse, CEO of AL Group, said that Evolving Our Sales Warriors is a program to support the sales force. The turn of the decade has hit the world with unexpected challenges. The globe has been pushed into a rapid and urgent shift from the traditional, physical interactions towards digitalisation. As such, companies are proactively looking to advance and evolve themselves to embrace virtual interactions and transactions before they are left out.

Being a vital department of many companies, sales departments are put under the magnifying glass to ensure the survival and growth of their company. Due to difficulties in setting traditional appointments, sales teams need to upgrade themselves into using more technologically savvy approaches.

Transitioning into the digital world may prove to be difficult and demotivating for many. This is where this ‘Evolving our Sales Warriors’ program comes in to support this necessary growth. This immersive 1 month blended learning journey via Virtual Instructor-led Training comprises many interactive engagements i.e. videos, quizzes, flashcards and more. In addition, this experience is made up of 4 modules (as shown in the image above) which are broken down into bite-sized modules over the course of 4 weeks to help increase the rate of absorption whilst being fun and motivating.

AL Trainings.

The AL Training System is a psychological method which blends logical learning doctrines with human response matrix, taking what needs to be delivered in a particular workshop and facilitating it for buy-in, engagement, and practicality.

The focus is to create the ideal environment and facilitation to take each attendee and engage them to become a participant in Active Learning, developing for themselves ideas and techniques that they can practically apply into their world.

The Trainer.

Growing up wasn’t the easiest for Darwin Thinakaran. There were many hurdles thrown at him from a young age. However, he found himself being comfortable and happy when he interacts with people. He enjoyed exchanging opinions and exploring the diversities of life. 

Although Darwin pursued an education in ACCA, he ended up building a career in training and facilitation. As it was his passion to interact with people, Darwin attended short courses on Speech and Communications with Trinity College. 

Having previously worked in Sales, Events Management and Human Resources, Darwin brings practicality, realism and fun into his sessions. His core topics being Sales and Service, Communications and Working with Diversity amongst others. 

He believes that learning is a never-ending journey of self-improvement and that sessions need to be fun and engaging because that’s the only way people enjoy the experience.

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