UPayMe Series | Online Merchants | An Artisans Digital Mall Showcase.


Upayme, part of iServe Group, is simplifying the retail business. No need credit & debit card terminal. No need card plastic. No touch. No fuss. UPayMe transforms the merchant’s mobile phone into a universal virtual payment terminal. Its customers can choose Direct Link and even opt for Easy Payment Plan.

No plastic. No terminal. Just convenience.

Redefining Customer Convenience.

With Upayme, consumers can go truly go cashless, for their convenience. You can make payments without being present at the point of sale. You can execute your purchases remotely and virtually. Now you can send people to run errands, and complete the purchase transaction in the comfort of your office or home.

This Week’s Featured Merchants:

  • Enagic Malaysia (https://bit.ly/2PZlKNp) is the official distributor of Enagic of the latest Japanese technology in producing the gold-standard of water. Beauty water provides personal hygiene benefits when bathing, washing hands and your face. Kangen Water® is for drinking for a healthier and stronger immune system.
  • RS One Motorsport (http://www.rsone.com.my) offers Gab Auto Suspension, an award-winning advance suspension system that is internationally recognised by motorsport and enthusiasts. It has proven durability, performance and control stability technology.
  • MM Network (http://www.mmnetwork.com.my/) distributes MStrath® supports the immune system and improves your body’s natural ability to recover form illnesses. It is manufactured, packaged and imported from Switzerland and made with 100% natural ingredients without preservatives, artificial colouring and sweeteners.

Opening Soon | Artisans Digital Mall.

The up and coming Artisans Digital Mall is delighted to showcase UPayMe Merchants offering a wide range of products online. UPayMe has more than 6000 merchants.

We have many Proudly Malaysian Artisans producing exquisite products. Some may not have the digital savvy to conquer social media marketing. Getting and operating a reliable e-commerce platform needs resources and expertise.

We are working pro bono, set up the framework of an artisans digital mall that will be home to 50 artisans, and other local businesses. We curated a simple & affordable online mall to promote the rich array of their products to consumers countrywide.

We are also very grateful to our friends and contacts who came forward to support the Mall with value added services and events for the Mall visitors.

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