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Home Study with Enfiniti.

Joanna Bessey is the head of the Enfiniti Academy. She runs a successful school for drama classes, and also corporate training.

Poise and confidence, apart from content, are important in presentations especially to a large audience. The Enfiniti Team are well versed in this, with their vast experience in movies, shows, theatre and more.

Online Classes for Impactful Presentations & Public Speaking are now available every Wednesday.

Get started with Enfiniti Spotlight! They teach techniques for impactful presentations & public speaking.-Classes every Wednesday @ 10am & 5pm and Fridays @ 10am. To book your session, email nurbaya@enfiniti.com.my or jadhanif@enfiniti.com.my.

Who is Chacko?

Instructor is Chacko Vadaketh. He is a versatile character and comic actor. He is well known for his role as Sabo Singh in Mr. Kiasu (on Singapore TV) and has worked in many local theatre productions, on stage and behind the scenes which include directing. You can also catch him in a speaking role in Twentieth Century Fox’s Entrapment. He now shares and teaches his experience and know-how as an Instructor with #EnfinitiAcademy.

Enfiniti Academy.

The Enfiniti Academy of Musical Theatre & Performing Arts was founded in 2011 to develop and nurture creative talent and is today a success story. Puan Sri Tiara Jacquelina, a highly respected & accomplished veteran wasthe founder. Today, the dynamic & eloquent Joanna Bessey heads the academy.

Enfiniti Academy has trained more than 8000 students aged between 3 and 53for the past 9 years. It is the alumni to famed artistes such as actress, TV host and beauty queen Amelia Henderson, singer-actress Tria Aziz, actress Jasmine Suraya Chin, actress Bella Dally and singer-actress Aisya Hasnaa.

The Enfiniti programs are a success with copyrights. More and more corporates who want to spark creativity in their organizations use Enfiniti PLAY! programs.

It is experiential and taught by real artists. It brings back our childhood and less complicated days. Creativity is released when inhibitions are down. More importantly, it is about working as a team to nurture creativity. Teachers train the muscle memories, so that it gets “played” when people are back in the office.

Prelude to the Auditorium at the Artisans Digital Mall Opening.

We are looking forward to welcome Enfiniti Academy to share their wealth of events and training courses at the Auditorium at the up and coming Artisans Digital Mall. We expect the Mall to be ready in June 2020.

The Coronacrisis 2020 will change the business landscape. Online business presence is increasingly important. 30 of us got together, just before the Movement Control Order (MCO) for a dialogue on social media marketing with Shanker Joyrama CEO of the award winning Orion Digital and its sister company Digital People. It was the start of a collaboration that has now evolved to the soon to be launched Artisans Digital Mall.

We have many Proudly Malaysian Artisans producing exquisite products. Some may not have the digital savvy to conquer social media marketing. Getting and operating a reliable e-commerce platform needs resources and expertise.

We are working pro bono, set up the framework of an artisans digital mall that will be home to 50 artisans, and other local businesses. We curated a simple & affordable online mall to promote the rich array of their products to consumers countrywide.

We are also very grateful to our friends and contacts who came forward to support the Mall with value added services and events for the Mall visitors.

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