Martin Wong | Revamp Broken Portfolio | An Artisans Digital Mall Showcase.

Martin Wong.

Martin Wong.

Martin Wong is the developer of Robie AI Chatbot and is a market strategist, and the author of the best selling book, Dividends Don’t Lie.

Robie, the chatbot marketing assistant is the 1st in Malaysia and possibly Asia, helping millennial to explore the stock market.

This Week.

TradeVSA System.

TradeVSA System Sdn Bhd is 1st Financial Technology Company that focuses on Volume Spread Analysis and its related methodology. Volume Spread Analysis is a unique trading methodology well known amongst Professional Traders in the West and becoming popular in Asia.

Unlike conventional method of trading and investing, VSA is neither technical analysis nor fundamental analysis. VSA is able to identify, follow and profit from following the Smart Money – the institutional fund managers, investment banks, big pool traders and professional high net wealth traders.

Using Price and Volume as its trading indicators, Volume Spread Analysis, traders and investors can trade confidently in harmony with them for more consistent returns. No more complicated technical analysis and lagging indicators. TradeVSA’s Mission is to help every traders to “Trade Smarter Everytime” and bring clarity with easier understanding to the complexity of the financial stock market.

Smart Robie Chatbot.

Specially for beginners and fresh millennial traders. Combines powerful investing tools – technical, fundamental data and computer algorithms —into a better User Experience.

Robie has all the stock investing essentials. Its all-in-one stock idea generation solution that saves time and helps make better decisions. Robie gives top stock trade ideas, full trading plans and results to outperform the markets.

Prelude to Auditorium at the Artisans Digital Mall Opening.

The Auditrium at the up and coming Artisans Digital Mall will allow interested mall visitors to assess trading tips from Martin Wong and Trade VSA. We expect the Mall to be ready in June 2020.

The Coronacrisis 2020 will change the business landscape. Online business presence is increasingly important. 30 of us got together, just before the Movement Control Order (MCO) for a dialogue on social media marketing with Shanker Joyrama CEO of the award winning Orion Digital and its sister company Digital People. It was the start of a collaboration that has now evolved to the soon to be launched Artisans Digital Mall.

We have many Proudly Malaysian Artisans producing exquisite products. Some may not have the digital savvy to conquer social media marketing. Getting and operating a reliable e-commerce platform needs resources and expertise.

We are working pro bono, set up the framework of an artisans digital mall that will be home to 50 artisans, and other local businesses. We curated a simple & affordable online mall to promote the rich array of their products to consumers countrywide.

We are also very grateful to our friends and contacts who came forward to support the Mall with value added services and events for the Mall visitors.

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