Kirtanraw Art Gallery | Porcelains | An Artisans Digital Mall Showcase.

Porcelain Collection.

Kirtanraw has an eye for the fine art on porcelain. Here he captures the rich tapestry from his observations and infused it with vivid colors.

Kirtanraw The Artist.


He got A for Art for his Form 3 exams, but his autism ended his further education. His parents were simple people working in government in Kedah. With what they could afford, his father bought him paint, canvas & art materials and even sponsored a short stint with an art teacher 68km away in Penang. His father, Subramaniam, still keeps the 1000+ drawings of Power Rangers. He remembers fondly how his then teenage son was always painting, sitting on the floor.

His father took his own savings and his EPF money to set up a show room in his own house for his son. The artist now has a simple art gallery. He does oil on canvas, and pyrography (fire on word). Most of his painting are created from imagination.

Here is art with a strong memorable, sticky story. The art itself is detailed & deep, and is filled with layers of emotions. Kirtanraw sees something in his beautiful mind and does not stop painting till he has fully expressed his imagination. It is not just a picture but all sorts of imaginable wonders.

Prelude to Art Gallery at the Artisans Digital Mall Opening.

The up and coming Artisans Digital Mall will allow talented artists to share their masterpieces. For the opening week, we will feature Kirtanraw. We expect the Mall to be ready in June 2020.

We have many Proudly Malaysian Artisans producing exquisite products. Some may not have the digital savvy to conquer social media marketing. Getting and operating a reliable e-commerce platform needs resources and expertise.

We are working pro bono, set up the framework of an artisans digital mall that will be home to 50 artisans, and other local businesses. We curated a simple & affordable online mall to promote the rich array of their products to consumers countrywide.

We are also very grateful to our friends and contacts who came forward to support the Mall with value added services and events for the Mall visitors.

Own a Kirtanraw Original.

Submit your contact to Kirtanraw’s father, Subramaniam, here.

Other Kirtanraw Collections.

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