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The late Alphonse Peter with Irwan.

I was very sad and sorry to learn about Alphonse Peter’s passing. Jade Alphonse (his wife) and I spoke and she wanted me to continue to post Alphonse Legacy Series of 12 videos.

Having survived a very difficult childhood, Alphonse explored an education in Psychology at the University of Texas at Austin, to understand himself, his life and his direction. This education, key books, his mentors and his personal values have evolved him into a positive, simple and motivated individual, always looking to have a good impact to the world around him.

He started The AL Group, a simple group of companies in Consulting, Training, Research and Food. He believes in keeping a low profile, getting engaged for talks and trainings purely by word of mouth. He has been providing key note speeches, customised training and business consulting over the last 20 years in Malaysia, Singapore and few other parts of the world.

AL is a fun, engaging and down-to-earth presenter. He will have his audience involved, laughing and learning in the session. His ability to reach out to them, both the younger generation and the more experienced, gets everyone onboard. 

Alphonse, rest in peace.

E is Engagement.

Alphonse Peter Legacy Series | E is Engagement

The Alphonse Legacy Series is all about achieving good and sustainable sales momentum. 12 snippets of best practice from our Sales Guru. Alphonse was the CEO of AL Trainings and previously with Great Eastern and Citibank. The AL Training System is a psychological method which blends logical learning doctrines with human response matrix, taking what needs to be delivered in a particular workshop & facilitating it for buy-in, engagement, & practicality.

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