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Do People Feel They are Winning at Something that Really Matters?

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Questions Arising.

Sathiyan says, that with all of us just completed quarter 1 of financial year and embracing Covid19 crisis, it’s likely by now being a sales leader you are thinking how to lead your sales team to stay focused and deliver sales results, as predicted. But, morale and motivation of your team is relatively lower than before.

Questions haunting your mind: Do I need to put my team on a new sales training, introduce new (more) KPIs, stringent existing reporting structure etc. to improve sales performance and motivate my team?

The answer is NO.

#1 Driver for Morale.

The #1 driver for morale and engagement is whether your team feels they are winning at something really matters!

The solution is coaching and mentoring your team to adopt newer behaviours to improve existing sales process! The 4DX.


The 4DX is extremely effective in helping sales professionals to adopt new and key behaviours that allows them to focus on specific aspects of the existing process and really get those embedded in sales activities, and strive.

Our experience working with dozens of accomplished sales teams, most of them measure aspects of their sales funnel, performance measures (KPIs etc) and guess what – these measures don’t work as viable key behaviours for desired results, because they are not directly influenceable – controlled by them.

Sales is such an intuitive process for most seasoned professionals, that laying a new process over it often uncomfortable – most sales professionals resist for new “sales skills”.

The job to be done of a sales leader is to influence the team to adopt new behaviours that are predictive and influenceable by them, in a nut shell creating a team game, not leader’s game.

The 4DX is the compass, using 4DX a sales leader can point the team to the right direction. 4DX provides the guidance for continuous behavioural and skills improvements thus increasing team’s ability for exceptional results.

Free Preview.

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