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How It All Started

The Mall.

1st Visual of the Mall

Design construction starts with the Mall exterior. It is a simple mall and it is Proudly Malaysia. Coming in from the main entrance, the landing page is the Grand Center Court or Concourse. Fanning out from there, is a step up to the Artisans Wing or a step down to the Anchor Tenants’ Lobby. This leads to the the Anchor Tenant Stores, Signature Stores and Booking Counters. At the basement is the Convenience Store, Grocer and Bazaars. All stores are virtual.


The Concourse of any mall is the star attraction with good promotions and activities.

We have a Busk Stop to showcase the street talents. And an Open Mic for stand up comedy. We are still looking for partners to share their fashion collections at our Catwalk.

All shows are virtual. Participation in Busk Stop, Open Mic and Catwalk is by invitation, and there is no rental or fees to be paid to the Mall.

This is an opportunity for our local artistes to showcase their talent in a virtual mall environment. And for visitors to enjoy this entertainment.

Once ready, the concourse is available for business owners to promote their products in a digital mall environment. We have kept the rental affordable at RM500 for a one week (Sunday to Saturday) event.

The Chilloq Buskers and others will entertain us at the up and coming Artisan Digital Mall. The very talented Liz and her husband Syed, perform Dance Monkey in this vidcast.

They are regulars at the Jalan Bukit Bintang.

Next Week.

We are looking to build our virtual auditorium, study abroad center and art gallery. Follow us on our journey to build a Proudly Malaysian Artisan Digital Mall.

How It Started.

We noted that many artisans producing exquisite products may not have the digital savvy to conquer social media marketing. Getting and operating a reliable e-commerce platform needs resources and expertise. We got together and worked pro bono (non profit) and put together an Artisan Digital Mall, priced affordably for our Proudly Malaysian Artisans.

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