Sathiyan A | Covid19 & 4DX | Covey Series.

The 4 Disciplines of Execution – the building blocks to a high-performance culture post MCO.

Sathiyan A says the word, “Performance” is synonymous with distraction. Covid19 and MCO are the disastrous distractions for many organisations and accomplished leaders, in driving the teams towards performance.

The challenge is that, as much as we set the clear direction at the beginning of the fiscal, the Covid19 pandemic literally disrupted our teams from working towards landing what we identified as our Key Result Area, in 4DX jargon the WIGs (Wildly Important Goals).

The 4DX model is ideally more relevant than ever to reengage our disengaged teams, reviving them by first focusing on WIGs (Wildly Important Goals) and helps them focus on what truly drives performance – not what looks good to stay afloat.

The 4DX also helps teams focus on what truly drives performance – not what looks good on a management reporting dashboard, thus allows for spot on course correction when circumstances change – and circumstances always change, but at least with the predictive lead measures teams can respond against those changes and still meet the key goals.

4DX creates a feeling of shared ownership and achievement – meaning the team can truly feel like a team versus a loose collective of individuals, and help each other succeed.

In conclusion, remarkable performance is possible so long leaders can effectively engage their teams to focus on the activities that will move them closer to the goals. Strategy is one part of the plan but stay put in execution is what will make the difference for successful teams.

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