UPayMe Series | No Plastic, No Terminal, Just Convenience.

No plastic, No terminal, Just convenience.

Upayme, part of iServe Group, is simplifying the retail business. No need credit & debit card terminal. No need card plastic. No touch. No fuss. UPayMe transforms the merchant’s mobile phone into a universal virtual payment terminal. Its customers can choose Direct Link and even opt for Easy Payment Plan.

No plastic. No terminal. Just convenience.

Payment Reimagined.

Payment will no longer be the same. Brick & mortar outlets are now widely complemented by virtual stores. The very innovative Upayme is aggressively signing up merchants, especially in the virtual space. It is well received by this retail community:

  • There are thousands of “cash only” merchants who are currently not served by banks, or who don’t want to pay rental for credit card terminals.
  • Companies with big sales force cannot afford to provide wifi terminals to its sales force, can now turn on credit and debit card acceptance leveraging on mobile phones.
  • Merchants are “on-the-go” but terminals are not.
  • Retailers don’t need to offer credit terms because payment can be arranged anywhere, anytime, with just a mobile phone.

Redefining Customer Convenience.

With Upayme, consumers can go truly go cashless, for their convenience.

You can make payments without being present at the point of sale. You can execute your purchases remotely and virtually.

Now you can send people to run errands, and complete the purchase transaction in the comfort of your office or home.

Cool Merchants.

Beast Kingdom (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd is a newly set up company in Penang Malaysia and is wholly owned by Beast Kingdom Co., Ltd from Taiwan. The core business activities are wholesale and it distributes the licensed merchandise based on some of the world’s most recognizable movies, televisions, comic books and pop culture icons. In addition to this, they also operated movie themed exhibitions by using real life props and immersive AR system to bring the fictional world to life. The company is committed to be the entertainment experience creator in S.E.A area.

Goodtimes Ticketing Sdn Bhd. It is an online event ticketing company bringing the best in entertainment. The company (formerly known as Phoenix PR Sdn Bhd) was established in 2016. In the past 3 years, it has organised and ticketed a combined total of over 30 events.

Virtual Convenience Store.

Upayme is creating a unique ecosystem of convenience, bringing together a wide variety of merchants, with a wide variety of products & services, serving a wide variety of needs. It is becoming a virtual convenience store for consumers everywhere. Upayme is on its way to become the biggest virtual convenience store, in terms of product range, in the country.

Passionate Sales Team.

This digital disruption is brought about by a young and enthusiastic team from the iServe Group. Nelson and his team have been aggressively working with his on-the-ground team, and agencies to bring this innovation to the market.

Congrats on your launch. Very proud of your progress to date. Keep up the momentum.

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