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I started to blog success stories in Dec 2019 after I retired from Ambank. The articles were about people I know, and who inspired me. All the stories dug deeper to understand the success. As a novice blogger, this is a big and very happy milestone for me.

My focus was on topics that I like – tipping point, outliers, excellence in execution, people engagement and digital solutions. Successful people and businesses seem to share common traits observed in books like Malcolm Gladwell‘s The Tipping Point and Outliers: The Story of Success, and Covey’s 4DX Discipline of Execution.

Success Stories.

A big thank you to all the people who generously shared their success stories. I sincerely respect their leadership, determination and passion to make things happen. And Irene Wong who managed the appointments, schedules and activities. Over the last 4 months, I published 55 stories and met more than 100 people.

It is also very exciting to welcome members of My Vistage Group, and Renzo Viegas, the Group’s mentor. What an enthusiastic Group! And we are looking to having more success stories and beating industry records.

Guest Contributions.

Friends contributed and shared quality contents with me:

  • Tyler Chong, talented 18 year college student who produced success stories on videos.
  • Nurul Azlyna, passionate research writer & stay home mum, with informative essays on topics such as eWallet, eTakaful and Selangor tourism.
  • Khoo Hsu Chuang, veteran podcaster who shared his in-depth interviews of respected personalities with me.
  • Xandri Ooi, happiness guru who shared her inspiring story, and enthusiastic facebook videos with me.
  • Alphonse Peter, veteran trainer with a wicked sense of humor, who shared his video clips of his sales success training with me.
  • Yap Leng Kuen, old school friend, and respected senior business editor and columnist sharing views and insights on my blog.

More to come.

  • Zappventure is just begining. It is the latest dynamic eWallet and I will be following their exciting adventure and journey.
  • Looking forward to the Taqafully launch, and sharing their progress to bring takaful to everyone.
  • Success stories “labs” for SME CEOs will continue through workshops and increasingly digital channels.
  • Work has started on the Artisan Digital Mall and online stores to showcase Proudly Malaysian products and services.

FUNtire, not REtire.

This is a great opportunity to connect baby boomers & retirees with enthusiastic business owners, with the sole aim to share. FUNtire, not REtire.

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