Alphonse Peter | Introduction | Sales Success Series.

Sales Success Vidcast from AL Trainings.

AL Trainings – Sales Success.

Over the next 3 months, Alphonse Peter has kindly agreed to share his insights on sales success. His 3 minute vidcast (video broadcast) series are funny and memorable. Don’t miss it.

Many of us know Alphonse, or have attended one of his very enjoyable training sessions. He is the CEO of AL Trainings and was previously with Great Eastern and Citibank. Alphonse will be sharing insights on sales success in simple 3 minute videos over the next 3 months.

AL Training System.

The AL Training System is a psychological method which blends logical learning doctrines with human response matrix, taking what needs to be delivered in a particular workshop and facilitating it for buy-in, engagement, and practicality.

The focus is to create the ideal environment and facilitation to take each attendee and engage them to become a participant in Active Learning, developing for themselves ideas and techniques that they can practically apply into their world.

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