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Chat With Vincent Chong.

The ex banker reminded me of the importance of a medical card and health insurance when I bumped into him at Starbucks recently.

It is always my pleasure to chat with enthusiastic, credible sales people, and it was very nice catching up with Vincent. This young man impressed me – he is soft spoken but very focus. He is knowledgeable and had a genuine interest in his customers & strong understanding of his products.

Vincent Chong is now an insurance consultant. I recently retired (FUNtire, not REtire) from banking, and am glad that I invested in a Medical Card, some time back.

Rising Cost of Medical Services.

Medical costs in Malaysia is expected to rise 15% every year. Malaysians must prepare themselves if they are in business, or when they are no longer covered by their companies. The Star published the following summary in 2015.

What is a Medical Card?

“It is an insurance plan that helps mitigate the risk of financial loss when someone falls sick. Do you know that there are direct (e.g. hospitalization and treatment charges) and indirect (e.g. transportation, childcare, household spending etc) costs that need to be managed when you are not fit for work and require medical attention?” RinggitPlus

Ringgit Plus did a comparison of Medical Cards available in Malaysia.

Find Out More from Vincent Chong.

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