Lab | Internal Brand to Deliver the External Brand | Adzhar Ibrahim.

Adzhar Ibrahim is a dynamic, passionate HR professional. We met when we were both in Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia (SCB). He became a Group HR Officer reporting to the CEO at a young age of 29, and has since helm HR at big corporates such as SCB, Digi, AirAsia and Maxis.

We were very lucky to have him share his experience and passion with us at Bunglow 37 Bangsar.

Building an Internal Brand to Deliver the External Brand.

Reflecting on his 40 year career, Adzhar believes that the people managers of any organization, needs to help the CEO and the company build an internal brand, to deliver the external brand and the financial results.

Service providers also need to have this agenda in mind, and step up to the challenges of this decade.

We talked about:

  • Talent Management including recruitment, retention, people engagement and succession.
  • Learning and Development including job knowledge, skills, management know how and personal leadership.
  • People Friendly Policies, Organizational Frameworks and Strategies.
  • Performance Management including Compensation, Coaching.

Thank you to Adzhar for an interesting afternoon, and to all the participants who contributed their views and shared their aspirations. We are working on a follow up forum bringing together HR practitioners and service providers.

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