Success Story | Skydive Indoor With AirRider.

Not to Be Missed.

Don’t miss the chance to skydive with AirRider. It is a joint venture between 1 Utama and Indoor Skydive Australia Group. Learn its success story. Thank you to Chong Kok Leong from Sales & Marketing, for sharing insights on this impressive set up.

This is the first, and one of very few indoor sky diving in a mall in Asia Pacific. It cost RM 25 million to build, and uses state of the art air tunnel technology.

Millions of people globally have already flown in Indoor Skydiving centres. It is one of the fastest growing sports with over 100 facilities worldwide and more to come.

AirRider simulates an actual outdoor at 14,000 feet. It is a joint venture between 1 Utama and Indoor Skydive Australia Group.

“The 1 Utama team has been fantastic by bringing in a wealth of experience and understanding of their customer needs. I am extremely proud of the opening of AirRider at 1 Utama E, ISA Group’s first international indoor skydiving facility,” said Wayne Jones, ISA Group CEO

Wayne is the Co-Founder and CEO of Indoor Skydiving Australia and has introduced a portfolio of Indoor Skydiving facilities in Australia. It caters to the needs of the Australian Military, Skydivers and the Tourism Industry across the country. ISA Group (IDZ) was listed on the ASX in January 2013.

From left to right: Wayne Jones, Tan Sri Dato’ Teo Chiang Kok Officiating the launch of 1 Utama Joint Venture AirRider (pic: Nur M. Nazri)

Understanding the Wind Tunnel.


The wind tunnel creates a cushion of air in a 12 foot diameter tunnel. The flyer enters under the supervision of an instructor, and is immediately airborne.

The wind tunnel diameter at Abu Dhabi is 22 foot. Wind speed can go up to 250 km per hour. It is an import from Czech Republic and Australia.

Vertical wind tunnels are same like the ones used by the military and professional skydivers to train.

Wind is generated from above by powerful fans. For safety and efficiency, the wind is channeled from the sides, and up the chamber lifting the flyers into the air.

Everyone Can Fly.

AirRider teach people to skydive. Exciting promotions are available from AirRider. The adventurous will enjoy the thrill of skydiving in the safety of the wind tunnels.

Making It a Success.

AirRider is a great venue for corporate and product launches. Tech ARP reported DIGI’s launch of Huawei P20 with an AirRider experience.

Tripadvisor Travellers gave a thumbs up to the AirRider adventure where people can skydive indoor.

Malcolm Gladwell in his book The Tipping Point talked about the Law of the Few. With a good proposition, what he calls “Stickiness Factor”, and solid “Context”, a tipping point can be achieved with a few key people – Connectors, Maven and Salesman. The tipping point is that magic moment when an idea, trend, or social behaivor crosses a threshold, tips, and spreads like wildfire.

The experience of an indoor skydive with AirRider is unique, memorable and sticky (and instagramable). And it is in a time when people look for unique experiences. The timing and context is right.

There is plenty of chatter, postings, pictures and mavens in the social media on indoor skydiving. The International Skydiving Commission talks about Indoor Skydiving in their website. There is talk about indoor skydiving becoming a sport in the Olympics. And the AirRider Team in Malaysia are passionate and learned in the sports. They also bring in season skydivers for demonstration and coaching sessions.

The Marketing Team does lots of direct sales to corporatioins for events and team building, and at MATTA Fairs for local and overseas visitors. There are also special promotions such as Kids Club, Coaching Boot Camps and Ladies Night. With the See Hoy Chan Group’s (who owns 1 Utama) wide network (and connectors) and the continued sales efforts, AirRider will be a leading adventure in Malaysia and in the region.

Congrats to AirRider Malaysia. Proudly Malaysian, bringing indoor skydiving to Malaysians.

Visit by Zapp Malaysia with Ben & Ee Va Ong from Trio Utimate and friends from Ultimate Frisbee Malaysia to AirRider.

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