Sales Success | Will to Win | Daren Wong.

You can feel the fiery determination. He started with little, had to put himself through ICSA and look after his mother. That is why he has a strong will to win.

Malcolm Gladwell in his book, The Tipping Point, spoke of the Law of Few. We have mavens, connectors and salespeople. Daren Wong is one of the rare true salesperson. People like Daren are crucial in any business success. His clients are lucky to have him as a partner. He also reminds me of an achiever, as described in Gladwell’s other book, Outliers.

I wanted to understand what makes this young man a winner.

His DNA.

Firstly, he has a PURPOSE in life. He is clear headed about his destiny, and very decisive. He is all about making dreams come true, and the pride of accomplishment drives him.

He says his 3 winning attributes are determination, courage and willing to work.

–     Determination is about never giving up. I can understand. Once you have been poor, one never want to go back. This pushes him to be financially stable, and to provide for his mother, family and team members. 

–     Courage comes from experience, and experience comes with lessons from errors. He is not afraid of mistakes. Pick up yourself and start again. This takes courage.

–     He is willing to work longer hours than most people. He started as a door to door salesman. When others rested on Sundays, he was in the heart of Kuala Lumpur selling to tourists. As in the book, Outliers, the 10,000 hours of hard work is what creates the super achievers. A mentor once told him that “one should work harder when young so no need to work so hard when old”. Remember the AESOP tale of the ant & grasshopper. The grasshopper played all summer while the ant was busy gathering food. Come winter, the ant had food but the grasshopper had none.

The trilogy of Determination + Courage + Hard Work reminds one of IP Man, the legendary kung fu teacher from China, who is reputed to be Bruce Lee’s sifu.


Juice Sdn Bhd is his brainchild company. It stands for “Join Us In Creating Expansion”. It is a third party sales agency, where employees are given opportunities to create a career and a future for themselves. It was listed as one of the 100 companies that received an Asia Honesty Award (AHA). AHA was launched in 2013 to create a trustworthy market place.

Daren wants to share his success formula with young people, and give them a future. He says mindset is 70% of the battle.

His Leadership.

This young man’s leadership has taken him far and high. But he wants to go further and higher. More importantly, he wants to bring his team with him.

I asked him how he defines his leadership. He said:

–          Leadership is by example. Walk the Talk.

–          Discipline delivers results

–          Being a Master trainer of not just of knowledge but attitude.

Daren is the kung fu sifu of sales, and as he steps up the momentum in 2020 and the new decade, we can expect big things from him. All the best to this determined young man and his team.

Strong Support.

She is always there, beside him. She believed in him when he was starting out with nothing. Daren says his wife never complains, and looks after him & his family. The support given “behind the scene” keeps him going, especially when he works hard at his job. My deepest respect for this wonderful lady.

“There is no difference in who started to study first; the one who achieves accomplishment is first.” Ip Man

“Accomplishment uses diligence as a goal.” Ip Man

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