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I met him when we both worked at Prudential Services Asia, where I served as COO. It was hard to forget him. He was bubbly, confident and full of ideas. It was not surprising that he left Pru in 2014 and started his own company with 3 friends at 32 years.

I caught up with him briefly when he did an event for me, at Ambank. Everyone including me had a roaring good time with bellyful of laughs.They conducted the events for 3 years in a row.

It was a proud moment to catch up with this young man, after 5 years. He has transformed a dream into a business reality with a strong client following. He is now the sole owner of M.A.D.L.A.B Training and still bubbling with ideas. Here is a Gen Y with a thriving business, making its name in the industry.


M.A.D L.A.B Training is the brainchild of 2 millennials who set out to make a difference for people. M.A.D stands for Making A Difference., and L.A.B stands for Like A Boss. It is about the passion for people development, and empowering people to have ownership in live, love, team and organization, like a boss. Everyone can M.A.D.

Jeffrey Yap, is a B.Sc graduate from University Malaya. He was the champion for AMMODAGO International (workshop to develop world class speakers and motivators). He throws himself into his training sessions and his enthusiasm ignites the morale of the participants.

What People Say.

Dato Ted Mohar CEO of International Medical University (IMU) said “I am extremely pleased with the way the program has gone. M.A.D.L.A.B Trainers led the 30++ staff from IMU Healthcare whom they know nothing about. They were able to cohesively gel the team together. It was not an easy task but they did an excellent job through a focus on what needs to be done. They have structured the program so that the teams would be able to build tools to help them move forward in achieving a common goal.”

Amy Lee Hotel Manager of Ruemz Hotel at Taylor’s University said, “M.A.D.L.A.B has given more than 110% of their effort in conducting training. They genuinely care & give their best to make a difference. Both the students and the company have benefited from their training. Professional & awesome trainers.”

Wan Kamaruddin Wan Ismail Group Manager of Great Eastern Takaful Bhd said, “After attending the 2-days program conducted by M.A.D.L.A.B, I saw the opportunity that Gen-Ys can offer to my company. I have attended many trainings before and I can say that M.A.D.L.A.B Trainers are very unique and they achieved the objective set. The trainers are very groovy and during the session, it was a 2 way communication and there was a lot of interaction. I thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from it.”

Tipping Point.

M.A.D.L.A.B Training programs include Presentation Skills, Working across Generation, Team Building including Outing, Away Day & Workshop and The Unknown.

Jeff tells me that the Tipping Point, as described by Malcolm Gladwell, was after 3 years in business. His quote is “Failure? It’s not a Failure, it’s like a fart! It will disappear.”

How did he do it?

First he created a super sticky product. A training program about Gen Y by Gen Y. He pours his heart and soul into every program and injects it with content and humour. It is very funny and enjoyable, and you learn a lot. It is all memorable.

The environment is right. There is interest for Baby Boomers and others, to collaborate with Gen Y. The Gen Y have also proven to be resourceful, innovative and full of fresh ideas.

– Mike Krieger is a millennial entrepreneur from Brazil who found success as a co-founder of a little company called Instagram.

– Brian Chesky co-founded Airbnb and currently serves as the company’s CEO. He saw an opportunity in the hospitality market and pushed himself to redefine the boundaries of accommodations.

– Daniel Ek is a Swedish entrepreneur best known for co-creating Spotify. His first venture as an entrepreneur came when he was 13 years old. Ek launched Spotify at the age of 23 and today is worth $2.2 billion

Jeff is a natural “connector”. He has lots of friends and a wide circle of supporters. He is now working on expanding his connections through other connectors.

Jeff is also a clever distributor. Coming from an insurance company, he understands the importance of distribution and sales channels. He works with sales agencies, and built up a network of referrals from existing clients, friends and business partners.

When you speak to this maven, you can see and feel the depth of his knowledge about getting the best of people, helping them make a difference and being empowered. He is smart and has now appointed his team member to capture and share this knowledge in the social media and beyond.

His team consists of millennials, and Jeff makes sure that they enjoy their work. People are his biggest asset in a training company. He sincerely appreciates their contributions, and engages them to bring out the best.

Wawasan Jeff.

Jeff has an ambitious “wawasan” 2020 and has many new plans such as gamification, and he intends to widen his connections & distribution. We can expect his business to grow. I am looking forward to celebrating a great 2020 with this millennial wonder.

Great Job.

Good luck, Jeff. I remember your wise words about failure.

“If you DO what you always did, you will get what you always got.” Einstein

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