Success Story | Evoke | Cawerlyn Choong.

This remarkable lady started her company 20 years ago. Today she is a successful designer with long standing clients. The tipping point*, came in 2005 when her assignments brought her to Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Korea.

20 years in business is a admirable achievement. What’s her secret?

I personally vouch for Cawerlyn’s creativity and dedication to any given assignment. Look at the great job she did for my website . She took time to understand what I was doing, studied my preferences and ensured that my brief made sense. The output was spot on, and conveyed the essence of The DO Circle. Equally important, she was one cool lady who is not easily flustered. She was easy to work with. Now, we can understand why her clients stays so long with her. She’s a Gem, and this created an unbeatable, sticky value proposition.

It is obvious that she loves what she does. There is “soul” in her work. Her favourite designs are for stationaries such as planners, book covers and journals.

Without any formal advertisement or promotion, sales was mostly through word of mouth and strong referrals.

Evoking Her Own Brand

She recently launched her own brand. EVOKE is about bringing out the best in each of us. The first line from EVOKE is called Dream Catcher, catching all the good dreams, and filtering out the bad. It’s inspiration to dream and to make these dreams come true. EVOKE’s Dream Catcher series is now available at online store.

Irene and I were the lucky recipients of a Dream Catcher pack. It comes in a beautiful brown paper wrap. The cover features a pair of wings around the name Evoke. It is about giving wings to Evoke, so that your dreams can take flight. Poetic, huh?

Unwrapped is a colorful pouch and journal spotting the feathers of a dream catcher. What is impressive is the small, fine touches of a personalised & and tag and motivational leaflet to unlease your dreams. To top it all, she says “ssh just do it”.

EVOKE also features a Give Back to Nature under the Treasures program. When great designs comes with a story & meaning, a brand will evolve.

Vincent van Gogh says “I dream my painting and I paint my dream.” All the Best, Cawerlyn.

DO more than dream, work.” William Arthur Ward

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