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Clement wrote his books as a legacy for his children. He had a very successful career, and he wanted to share his secret of success with them. Everyone can be successful.

This man has been a sales achiever all his career. He exudes quiet confidence, speaks well and passionate about his job. In his earlier days, sales was about pushing his sales team members for their results. At a Jay Abraham seminar in Singapore, he learnt to ask the scientific questions about the sales process, such as # prospects & presentations, # closure and  # repeat sales. The skill set was honed over the years, to become his proven formula known as PCFAM for sales success.

It also gave birth to the idea that sales success is not just for a few gifted ones. With awareness and discipline practice the PCFAM formula, ordinary people can become extraordinary employees and sales achievers. That’s why he is a sought after speaker and trainer, by companies and those who know him.

He is always pushing the limit, even in his personal life. He celebrated 55th birthday with his first ever Half Marathon within 3 hours, and was also listed in The Malaysian Book of Records for the Most Number of Books Sold for Charity by an Individual, on his 60th birthday.

Successful Career.

In all his 30 years career, he has never had a negative year, even during the 3 financial crises. It all started in 1984 after he graduated* from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM). He was a young Business Development Executive, entrusted with 2 District Managers and 8 Staff Managers with 50 agency members.

History was made in 1993 when he lead Mayban Life to introduce Bancassurance to the bank and its branches. This was the industry birth of “banca” which is now a familiar practice in all banks. Since this was first of its kind, Clement localized the concept, based on the practices learnt from a study tour to Europe with his seniors.

At the peak of his corporate career as a General Manager with a Fortune 500 company, he was leading over 130 employees in 20 branches with 3,300 agency members, covering sales & marketing, training and agency compensation. One of his big bang program was called “Be a Millionaire in 5 Years” which launched many millionaire sales people, and became the basis for his books and seminars. His success lead him to 100 cities in 33 countries.

Millionaire Formula.

It is a time tested formula P.C.F.A.M for sales success. More importantly, to double the sales, we only need to increase 10% in each factor. One extra prospect, or one extra closure, or one more frequent, or increase average per case, all add to more SALES and PROFIT.

Productive Millionaire Employees Seminars.

He conducts seminars and workshops for intimate groups of 30 – 40 people, and passionately shares his experience and formula described in his book. He genuinely wants people to benefit from the event, and have the know-how to do well. In his career, Clement has given more than 2,000 seminars locally and overseas, covering topics like (

– Learn how to be a productive millionaire employee and salesperson

– Learn the proven E-SLIP Millionaire Formula

– Build a lasting Money, Health and Relationship with successful ADA Habits

– Live a meaningful & successful life grounded on these habits

What Made Him Successful?

Malcolm Gladwell, in his book Outliers: The Story of Success, said that genius is over-rated. Success is not just about innate ability. It’s combined with a number of key factors such as opportunity, meaningful hard work (10,000 hours to gain mastery), and cultural legacy. Random factors of chance, such as when and where you were born can influence the opportunities you have.

Clement worked consistently and very hard to deliver sales and financial results. He certainly had his 10,000 hours of mastery. He is continuously learning. He reinforces his practices with teaching, and the teaching reinforces his practices. He was also lucky as bancassurance took flight right at the start of his career.

He has also built a personal brand, and well recognized by industry leaders.

“… Clement has unselfishly shared in this book of his vast experience in the corporate world, together with the knowledge and wisdom that he has acquired over the past 30 years.” Dato Sri Michael Chong, owner of Glory Wheels and Shogun Saisaki chain of restaurants

“… He has captured all the essentials of his success in building his career and wealth in this book.” Ng Lian Lu, ex-CEO of Amlife Berhad

“… Clement is Malaysia’s very own Og Mandino, renowned author of The Greatest Salesman in the World. Dr Peter Yee Founding Chairman of iAuthors Club

“… This book is a comprehensive collection of insights about how to cleverly navigate the career progression jungle.” Ben Ho Founder of Talentbank

“… Clement’s Millionaire Employee Seminars are worth more than a million dollars.”Dr Peter Yee, Author, Speaker and Property Investor.


Congratulations to this man who poured passion into his job, and now turn his passion into  meaningful books and an engaging seminar series, where everyone can be a productive millionaire employee and salesperson. Kudos, Clement.

*Clement Heng graduated with a BA from UKM, and his professional qualifications include FLMI(USA), AMII, CFP, RFP, IFP and Certified Professional Trainer ( IPMA, UK).

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