Can’t Do Without Irene.

I think everyone on this blog, and who deals with DO Circle, knows Irene. She is my very capable PA, who keeps everything moving here.

This lady gets things done. And she has been getting things done, for the past 46 years. After retiring from Standard Chartered Bank (SCB), she continued to work at Henry Butcher (real estate) and later, at JLL Property Services and Raeon International.

I am delighted that Irene is now helping me with The DO Circle. When we caught up recently, she has not changed a bit – cheerful and ready to learn new things. She is incredibly good at getting things done.

I remember when we worked together in SCB for 8 years, under the leadership of Mike Haque. This lady and friends put together an awesome CX program, which included a graduation of all who passed. Mike gave away some 100+ CX medals to the graduates. She is very systematic and super calm. The Dalai Lama said that calm minds brings inner strength and self-confidence.

How Does She Get Things Done?

She is naturally friendly and connects with everyone, from delivery person to CEO.  She has a great sense of responsibility and is an enthusiastic self-starter with a positive attitude. She says that she likes to see things go smoothly until completion, and strives to deliver her best. Her planning skills are enviable. She seems to be able to fit everything in a day’s work. What an asset!

What Drives Her?

Retirement gives us time to take it easier, but it does not mean not doing anything. She applies her knowledge and experience to take on new challenges. She adapts quickly to new environment. This lady moved from banking to real estate, and today she is all about websites, blogs and virtual reality. Amazing, isn’t it?

She says it is her strong desire to learn new skills and experiences to improve herself and for the organisation. She is happy to see everyone grow. The end result and sweet success is very rewarding. When she is not busy working, she enjoys travelling, cooking and gardening. She is a pet lover, and has 2 “manja” pet dogs, Lucky and Velvet.


Salute to this inspirational “young” lady. Keep going, Irene.

“Those who say it can’t be DOne are usually interrupted by others DOing it.” James Baldwin

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