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I listened in awe of the perfect Tipping Point story as Peggy Mu recollected one of her greatest achievement.

Peggy and Eugene went to Dubai to open a chain of SPAs. When they arrived, the contract was cancelled due to the poor economic conditions. Instead the owner asked to help with the poor and declining occupancy in their 30 storey property.  The husband and wife team was able to improve the occupancy from 10% to 80% within the year. Incredible, isn’t it!?

How did they do this?

The country was experiencing an economic downturn. People wanted more affordable space. Peggy and Eugene convinced the owner to sub-divide their property. This created more affordable rentals. What a brilliant idea! Like what Malcolm Gladwell said in his book, The Tipping Point, this captured attention as it had the right context – affordability when the economy is deteriorating.

This couple instinctively knew what customers wanted, and they made it a point to cater for them. They were customer centric, went the extra mile and ensured quality work. This was a one stop service for the residents. This created a strong value proposition, which had “stickiness”.

If you speak to Peggy and Eugene, you will soon realise these two are mavens, i.e. experts in renovations, maintenance and all things related to home and office furnishing and maintenance. Their office, here in KL, is elegant, beautiful and a true reflection of this natural talent.

The most important ingredient in their success was the way the couple went door-to-door to promote the solution. They hosted events to showcase the offer, and on some occasions, used agents.

They had the right context, a sticky product, are strong mavens, and had a strong sales program. It was the perfect storm, and it is not surprising that they hit the tipping point. Gladwell described the tipping point as that magic moment when an idea, trend, or social behaviour crosses a threshold, tips, and spreads like wildfire.

Boosted by their success in Dubai, Peggy and Eugene returned to Kuala Lumpur, and launched HomeWorks with a motto of “We Love What We Do.”


HomeWorks is a one stop shop for services you need, staying in a condo. It includes house works, cleaning works, biz works and lifestyle services.

And if you wanted help to furnish your condominium, you can opt for their “Living + Dining Room Package” which includes 4-seater Sofa, Single Foot Stool, 2-tier Coffee Table, Lounge Chair, TV Wall Panel + TV Mounting up to 50″, TV Wall Console, Floor Rug + Lamp,  5 feet Dining Table, 4 Dining Chairs.

These are convenience at your fingertips through messenger, whatsapp or you can download the HomeWorks application. This service is however limited to participating condominiums in Kuala Lumpur and Johore Bharu.

The couple has since set up a credible and customer centric fulfilment service. They revamped their distribution and awareness strategy & campaigns. We can expect to see this couple repeating their Dubai success story, here in Malaysia.

I met Peggy back some 25 years ago. She is the same creative lady today. Her work is thorough and the finish is always classy. She was a marketing maverick in those days, and she still is, today. Her energy is boundless, as she rushes between seminars, running operations, marketing programs and now increasingly sales campaigns.

Keep It Up.

Wishing this Power Couple all the success. They deserve it.

“If you can dream it, you can DO it.” Walt Disney

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