Success Story | GoCheeKS | Chee Li Har.

She was the COO Group ALCO at Hong Leong Bank, and prior to that, Regional Head of Asset & Liability Management for South East Asia at Standard Chartered Bank. Both were top jobs in the banking industry.

She took up her paint brush after the 2010 global financial crisis and in 2016, her passion for hand painted fabrics ignited. Today, she is famous for her chic scarves & bag handle twillies and masterpiece hand bags. Chee is the founder and creator of GoCHeeKS. She has 2 brands – GoCHeeKS (premium wearable art) and CHeeKS L.E (Limited Edition).

GoCHeeKS creations caught the fancy of trendy women in Malaysia and beyond. It was a fashion statement to carry a bag oozing fine art, or accessorizing your GUCCI or DIOR with a trendy twilly. GoCHeeKS gave us ART with ATTITUDE. Stand out at work, and when you chilling with family and friends. Wear an ARTitude, uniquely your own style.

She started in 2016 and sales doubled the following year. 2018 saw it tripled. How did she do it?

Painting With Passion.

GoCheeKS founder Chee Li Har working on her Four seasons series.

Chee poured her heart and soul into her creations. Craftsmanship is branding that never gets old. She paints each piece herself. It is an original collectible. She goes on to match the colour, material (voile, silk, satin, chiffon and microfiber) and works with the sewing artisans to create these eye catching wearables. This is true product stickiness that Malcolm Gladwell describes in his book, The Tipping Point.

She was also lucky. The market increasingly favours individualism and personal style, which made these bold iconic wearables a must have. Or what the book The Tipping Point, says that it had context, and the environment was ripe.

Her initial connections were good. Her corporate lady friends were her first customers. This circle expanded to their friends. People were soon buying them for gifts. Wider awareness was built through Facebook and Instagram. Private showings at premier events further expanded her reach.

This new chapter in her life brought out the salesperson in Chee. We can expect to see sales escalate as she puts together a more dominant sales strategy.

She tells me that she wants her business not only to flourish but to bring joy to her customers, and the skilled handicrafters working alongside her.

Exclusive Classes.

It is quite exciting that she also allows groups to experience the joy of making their own creations at her exclusive workshops. The finished products are even more meaningful to the participants and the societies they represent. She has evolved to become a “maven” or expert in creating dream bags. Walt Disney says that if you can dream it, you can do it”.

I am looking forward to uncover behind-the-scene stories of her inspiration and how she translates this into finished products. Dig deeper into the layers of mastery and mystery. How does she choose the colours? What is the meaning of the design? What was the thinking behind the patching? How was the choice of materials made?

Malaysian Pride.

This is 100% Malaysian Created, Malaysian Made and a Malaysian Pride. I sincerely applaud her talent and passion. This lady is destined for big things, and I look forward to celebrating her one million bags moment. Kudos, Ms Chee.

“If you can dream it, you can DO it. Always remember this whole thing was started by a mouse.” Walt Disney

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