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She has not aged. She is strikingly the same vibrant young lady when we were in American Express, a long time ago. Amazingly, she is still the same driven top sales performer, today. She rose up the corporate ladder in places like Amex, AIA & AIG, and OCBC. After her stint overseas, she became a trainer and instead of retiring, she took on the challenge of sales.

Her friends ask her why she’s still working, and why she continues to chase monthly targets when she should be in quiet retirement.

True Sales Person.

Here is a true sales person. The type that Malcolm Gladwell talks about in his book, The Tipping Point. It is probably also Fyaro’s secret fountain of youth.

I caught up with Fyaro Liew at her office at InfoTrek recently. When she walked out to meet me, I could feel her enthusiasm from a far. She loves meeting people, and finds it easy talking to strangers, even over the phone. While many of us cringe about picking up the phone and getting appointments, Fyaro just gets on with it. Of course, she does her homework before the calls. Get details of the customer. What have they bought before? What is the next opportunity? Is there any gaps? She is naturally curious and enjoys the challenge. Like all good salespeople, she is focused on her sales target and has the self-discipline of tracking her progress.

I also love the way she goes the extra mile for her clients. She takes photographs of the clients’ staff participating in the offsite training and certification courses, and shares these with their HR department. A small gesture that goes a long way.

She got into form within 6 months, learning the ropes of the business, and started earning awards from the 9th month onwards. She since clinched the top awards many times. She is also a role model to many half her age (hmm). Her advice to those coming into the sales world, is not to be afraid to fail. Always pick yourself up. It’s okay to try new ways.

Amex Days.

Back in the Amex days, Fyaro impressed us with her mastery of signing and maintaining the accounts of some of the biggest credit card merchants. Now 30 years later, she is equally impressive with her achievements in selling HRDF related training and certification programs to companies.

So what drives this lady? What makes her get up and into action, every day?

Many dread waking up in the morning to work. She wakes up, thankful to be alive. No kidding. After her morning prayers, she is looking forward to meeting people, and doing good. What a great attitude! Zig Ziglar said, “Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.”

I must add that her workplace at InfoTek is bright and happy. It makes the efforts to create a warm, personal and innovative training environment. The employer comes across as caring, flexible and progressive. The staff are helpful. It feels to me, a pretty good place to work.

Soft Side.

There is a soft side to this iron lady. Some time back, she was part of a church program to teach rural children, English. The program paired her with a 7-year old boy. She truly enjoyed teaching him to read and write. It also taught her patience and the need to give space (and time) for her young wad to learn. The bond was so strong that the young boy missed her so much when she was not able to make it for their regular session. Fyaro reflected that the two years stint was her second chance at being a mother.

Kudos, Young Lady.

People like Fyaro are an important asset in any business. Without sales, there is no revenue. She also proves that age is no barrier. Kudos Fyaro, keep it going.

“The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and DO something. Don’t wait for good things to happen to you.” Barack Obama

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