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He helped out at his father’s super bike business in Penang after school, and was the trusted tuner of the Australian community, expats and local enthusiasts who loved motor racing. His first real race was on a Montessa loaned to him by a kind Australian, at a dirt bike circuit at the age of 17.

The Dynamic Duo from Trio Ultimate testing the motor cross circuit at MFG with Oh Kah Beng.

At 19, he finished 1st in class in his first Penang Grand Prix production race on a Yamaha RD250 and continue to dominate the races thereafter. The Yamaha RD250 was also a loan to him by his kampong friends from his dad’s shop.

1991 Winner.

In the golden years of the 80’s he dominated the GP bikes races as the top local rider for both Suzuki and Yamaha. He was 2nd overall at the Macau GP production race on a Yamaha FZ750. He raced alongside biking legends such as Barry Sheene, Randy Mamola, Ron Haslam, Eddie Lawson and Wayne Gardner. In 1991, he was invited out from retirement by Suzuki Malaysia to take part in Suzuki RG250 as a guest rider, and he went on to win that race.

His stint in the corporate world included a stint in Shell Malaysia heading the motorsports division, and in PROTON Malaysia where he headed the Lotus Cars Division.

MFG Motorcross Adventure.

After retiring from Lotus, Kah Beng set up a truly Most Fun Gym (MFG) motor cross playground, near 1 Utama Shopping Mall in Petaling Jaya. I caught up with him at MFG, after 7 years and he was still the bubbly super motor sports enthusiast. Purring on his Kawasaki, he showed me around the incredible adventure land he has built over the last 5 years. 

He turned the multi acres of rough uphill terrain leased from Mofaz, into an epic motor cross track for the young and young at heart. It is carefully planned out for beginners as well as the more experienced bikers looking for a dirt biking experience. For a very modest fee, you can trial with a rented motorbike, helmet, and protective gear, with motor cross boots as an option.

Tripadvisor named MFG one of the top must see adventure when visiting Malaysia. Visiting tourists give their thumbs up for this fun haven. Mothers bring their teens for biking lessons in a safe environment. Bikers and friends book private sessions for some challenging fun. All under the watchful eye of the Grand Master of Motor Racing. The CEO (Chief Everything Officer), Julisa Neoh (Jules) is a beautiful, smart and ardent biker, who runs the events. Bookings can be done at

Tucked upstairs above his service garage, is a show room displaying the various range of SHARK helmets, Furygan road riding suits and Fox motor cross gear for sale in cool colors and designs. SHARK is a French company that produces motorcycle helmets founded in 1986 in Marseille 

Rempit 2.

There is also an eye catching bright red shack at the corner of his upstairs show room. Kah Beng tells me this is the actual movie set for the biking epic Rempit 2 by Dato’ Farid Kamil. From the set, you can see the vantage point of the circuit and all the motor cross actions.

I really like this gentleman. He is down to earth. A lot of interesting tales. He knows bikes, cars and everything on wheels at his finger tips (no need Google). In his retirement, he transformed his passion into an adventure for everyone to enjoy. FUNtire, not REtire. He was an inspiration on the tracks, and he is still an inspiration to all who meet him. 

True Outlier.

I dug deeper to understand his success. This humble man says that success just happened. He made it seem so simple. 

Malcolm Gladwell talks about achievers, like Oh Kah Beng, in his book, Outliers: The Story of Success. Kah Beng is one of these super achievers. He got there with his 10,000 hours of practice, driven by passion. He learnt from mistakes and had the courage to learn and try new things.

He is a quiet bike maven (expert) that is infectious. Jules has done a very good job promoting & selling MFG online. They have many fans, who are their biggest connectors. All these make MFG a great Tipping Point success story.

Malaysian Champion. Master Adventurer.

This man is much respected by the industry for his achievements, and I am very proud of MFG. It lives up to its name Most Fun Gym. It is fun for everyone with a zest for adventure, and it is truly an adrenalin work out & sweat it out exercise. Wishing Kah Beng the very best. Stay healthy and young.

A Malaysian Champion and Master Adventurer.

“What is behind you doesn’t matter.” Enzo Ferrari

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” Colin Powell

“Achievement is talent plus preparation.” Malcolm Gladwell, Outliers: The Story of Success

“Think, Dream, Dare, DO.” Walt Disney

Visit to Most Fun Gym by Zapp Malaysia with Ben and Ee Va Ong of Trio Ultimate and Ultimate Frisbee Malaysia.

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