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He speaks fast, he thinks fast and has a magnetic personality. In the last 15 years, his company grew by leaps and bounds, to become a well-respected advisor on intellectual property (IP).

Adastra started in 2004 and is built on the foundation of a distinctive brand of innovative services. Mohan expanded his business by bringing in specialised talent, all related to IP. He believes in genuine & personalized service and charging clients reasonably.

He grew the business, branching out from just patents and trademarks to other IP services such as IP valuation & commercialisation. There is also an analytics unit capable of doing knockout searches, pre-filing novelty search and more. Their global IP solutions include filing in most countries worldwide.

The legal & technical team provides workable solutions for patents, trademark, copyrights and industrial designs. Adastra also provides assistance in resolving disputes, drafting agreements, advising on all aspects of licensing, franchising, branding and communication and obtaining access to financial grants and funding. Their aim is to use their expertise and resources to ensure that their clients gain the maximum benefit from their creativity and ingenuity.

In 2012 Adastra was awarded MyIPO Best Patent Agent 2012 and they achieved 4 Star Professional Service Firm Rating.

How did he do it?

Malcolm Gladwell, in his book, The Tipping Point, says one of the key elements of success is product stickiness.

Adastra is built on a strong, sticky value proposition that has depth and width:

– Comprehensive service which makes it a one stop shop for all matters related to IP.

– Nimble and able to evolve to meet customer requirements. In 2012, they captured new businesses when many local companies were given incentives to file overseas. Adastra helped these companies trademark their assets. And in 2008, they helped universities to patent their findings, during the “university research boom”.

– Simple customer centric principles – do a good job and don’t overcharge.

It is no wonder this simple but powerful value sustained and grew this brand, over the last 15 years.

In addition, the Adastra Team is a Walking Wikipedia on IP, or what the Tipping Point describes as “maven”. The maven is a data bank of knowledge, and contributes to the successful marketing of the Adastra’s IP brand.

With the extensive connections built over the years by each member of the team, the firm has a wide and significant coverage. Everyone is the “salesman” of his or her expertise, and together, the brand gained traction within the business sector. Client satisfaction fueled word-of-mouth “sales”.

Talent is his Priority.

Mohan is smart. Talent is key to Adastra’s success. He has made talent his personal agenda. His focus is to hire and keep good people. He spots good talent, and takes the effort to retain them. He says that attitude is important. Be honest. Don’t hide things. So long as the attitude is good, he helps people close their gaps. It is also good to hear that he believes in work-life balance. People are encouraged to be efficient, and not stay long hours in the office.

I find that Mohan has a magnetic personality. He makes everything sound so exciting. People want to do a good job for him, and willing to try new things. With his drive and commitment, he is destined to be great in everything he do. Kudos to Mohan. And to the incredible team that makes things happen.

Intellectual Property. Now Landed Property.

Mohan found a beautiful old colonial bungalow hidden in Bangsar, 2 minutes from the Adastra office in Menara UOA.

It was refurbished into a cosy restaurant and spa. And interestingly there is a courtyard for workshops and events. It is a cool getaway, with lush green trees and tropical plants, for a private event, and dining.

Congratulations to Mohan and Team, for the launch of Bungalow 37, and looking forward to hosting some interesting talks and workshops, to introduce this jewel to friends and associates.


Great job making this incredible dream, a reality. Kudos to Mohan and his team.

“People Who Are Crazy Enough To Think They Can Change The World, Are The Ones Who Do.” Rob Siltanen

“When something is important enough, you DO it even if the odds are not in your favour.” Elon Musk

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