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Some children take longer to catch up with their classmates in regular schools. They need personal attention to help them attain their full potential. If they don’t get help, they may lag behind in their regular studies, which in turn dampens their confidence. Some parents opt to home school their children to help them cope and lead meaningful lives.

The SEED Resource Centre was set up 8 years ago by Ms Chan Fiu See to provide support and information for home schooling families. The aim was to nurture their students to reach their full potential, mentally and spiritually through the development of crucial relational and functional skills. It prepares our young generation to also learn life essential skills.

The Centre provides Accelerated Christian Education which aims at character building. In addition, the Centre adopts various programs to motivate students:

– Regional Student Convention with over 30 schools in Malaysia and Singapore.

– International Student Convention with some 4000 young people worldwide.

– Leadership Camps for student leaders, librarians and selected individuals.

– Global Exposure Program where students interact with people from other countries.

– Study Tour where students experience learning in a new country

– Mission Trip where students develop spiritual awareness about their communities.

Experiential Learning.

The Centre also believes in experiential learning. It understands that students learn best when they can relate to what they learn in the classroom. To achieve the best learning outcome for each student, the centre takes learning out of the four walls, every Friday. During these activities, students build on what they already know and put it into practice.

I first met Fiu See 28 years ago. When I met her again at the The SEED Resource Centre and seeing the work done, I was so proud of what she has achieved. I met her young and enthusiastic supervisors and team. Her quiet and charming leadership created a centre that is making the difference to many children’s life. Their community project TSRC MAD Youth Water for Life Project was shortlisted as a nominee in the Group Category for the Tuanku Bainun Young Changemaker’s Award 2018.

– She is a maven, an expert in the curriculum and what’s needed to groom children to reach their potential. It came with first-hand experience bringing up her own children.

– She loves what she is doing, and gets satisfaction from the successes with the students and from doing God’s work.

– She is able to hire and retain a great team of dedicated supervisors and team. She recognizes them in simple events and with meaningful thank you mementos. They bond with trips together, and in prayer groups.

– She is hands on, and takes personal responsibility for everything in the centre, right up to the toilets. This is great leadership by example, in action.

– Her belief in God and the passion to help the next generation, drives her and her team to give their best.

People Make Things Happen.

Like what Malcolm Gladwell described in his book, The Tipping Point, the centre had a sticky and strong value built on the supervisors’ dedication and passion. They believed in building the next generation. Teaching meant touching a life forever. They brought on the changes in the children and their behaviour. They smile more, and became more confident. They started doing well in their studies because these are now at the own pace. Parents valued the impact. The centre was sustainable with the strong ability to hire and retain good talented supervisors and staff. The team had a strong belief in God, and their mission. This was further helped when the centre moved to a better location and premise.

The centre also had a maven. Fiu See was well versed and had strong personal interest in the centre. She happily talks about the certifications and programs in place to help the children. People appreciated the depth of her knowledge and it inspired action.

Through the connection of the parents and their friends, the good works spread through word of mouth. Observable results gave testimony to the quality of work done.

Good Job.

Salute to Fiu See and her dedicated team. Good work, and well done.

“The only way to DO great work is to love what you DO” Steve Jobs.

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