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MV Marketing is a Success Story.

Daniel and I met, working in American Express some 30 years ago. I remember that he was the top sales performer with a bright corporate career ahead of him. He surprised us, resigning to start his own business. I stayed on, in the corporate world, and today, met up with him again after 30 years. Me the corporate animal and Daniel the street-smart entrepreneur with a success story.

I can’t help but admire his Success Story, what he has created and sustained for the past 30+ years. He worked through 2 tough financial crises, coming out of it stronger and wiser. Sitting down and listening to him, one gets a good dose of down to earth business sense.

He has made a name for himself, in the financial sector, especially banking. People know him. And his contacts and network are endless. I don’t think there is anyone he don’t know, or cannot connect.

Success Story of 22 Years in Business.

He said with much pride, that MV Marketing & Consultancy ( sustained the business for 22 years when the average life span of many similar agencies is less than 5 years. He believes that MV is the top sales agency. Equally important, many MV alumni (people who have left MV) have become bankers and business owners. He rightly pointed out that MV created opportunities for young men and women, with limited formal education to be a part of the quasi banking world.

Daniel Tan started MV Marketing in 1997 to provide 3rd party sales services for the banking sector. I have a deep respect for this man, who saw an opportunity to provide the much needed sales channel to banks. In those days, banks relied primarily on walk in customers at their branches. He seized the moment, and offered a formidable alternative. That’s disruption for us, in the 1990’s (haha). Over its 20+ years history, MV served nearly all the banks in Malaysia. That is a good success story.

MV Marketing’s Values.

Daniel believes that people are his important assets. His ambition is to make champions out of ordinary people. He founded his company based on 5 core values:

Associates and Friends with Daniel Tan that are part of the MV Marketing’s Success Story.

1.   Integrity

We adopt zero tolerance to fraud and mis-selling activities. We play by the rules that govern the business we operate in. We believe in paying our people fairly and on time.

2.   Traditional

We subscribe to the one agent one bank relationship. We hire only full time sales agents exclusively to sell one bank’s products. We do not subscribe to the practice of multiple cards selling, trading of contract and appointment of sub-agents and freelance agents.

3.   Performance

We emphasize on performance all the time. Seniority counts little here without performance. Results speak. We believe personal accountability and ownership attitude is key to success.

4.   Partnership

We believe in partnership – both with our sales agents and the banks we represent. We share the ups and downs of the banks we choose to work with. We intend to be a significant contributor in any partnership with the bank we do business with.

5.   Entrepreneurship

We believe in harnessing the human potential including the enterprise spirit. We develop people under our gene pool program and groom potential leaders to be agency owner one day.

What Made MV Marketing A Success Story?

Firstly, MV Marketing has a strong consistent value proposition and a Success Story. Vision and values are clearly defined. Bankers come and go, but MV stayed true to its values. Daniel was clever. He recognised the importance of people, and the leaders who manage the sales teams. Thinking longer term, the MV Academy was set up to train, mentor and groom leadership for succession. Daniel also has an eye for talent, and a sharp instinct to spot people hungry for success. Good leadership and well-trained sales agents delivered results, time and again. I remember the strong contributions from MV when I was running the cards business in one of the banks. Success built confidence of MV clients. With all this, he created a value proposition that was sustainable and “sticky”.

Over the years, Daniel became the maven of the industry. If you need to know about outsourcing, or building an alternate sales channel, people would seek him out. And with more than 30 years in business, he has built a wide network and connection of friends and contacts. It is easy to see how MV sustains its enviable business performance and proposition.

Daniel has never stopped selling from the day I met him at American Express 30 years ago. He is always offering a solution, an alternative or a sales proposal. He loves sales. I appreciate both his ethics, and his win-win approach. He constantly reminds me, and all he meets, that transactions must be profitable.

(Stickiness, Maven, Connections and Salesmanship are all key factors described in Malcolm Gladwell‘s book, The Tipping Point.)

His Leadership.

Chance has it that Daniel and I got to spend some time together, catching up with old friends, recently.  I can see why MV Marketing is a success story. It has “Daniel Leadership”:

– Humble, simple and down to earth

– Strong business sense and visionary

– Focus and gets things done, persistent and in his own words, never give up

– Believes in people and it is not lip service; he builds leaders

Saluting MV Marketing’s Success Story.

Salute to Daniel and the MV franchise. It is a great Success Story. It is like what NIKE says, Just DO It!

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