Adding Style & Cosiness to Your Home

Yap Leng Kuen, our Chief Storyteller, The Artisans Haven talked to artisans about Home & Living. A stylish and cosy home – those were the features that attracted visitors at the Home and Living section of The Artisans Haven exhibition at The Linc recently. “Many of them were impressed by the decorative cheeseboard, a creative … Continue reading Adding Style & Cosiness to Your Home

Spring is in the air at Beauty and Fashion

Bright colours, new and sparkling designs at the Beauty and Fashion exhibition by The Artisans Haven, drew in the crowd. The mood of hope and cheer was reflected in the happy collection from Natural Life, the unique and bold designs of Tina Winness jewellery, Bling watches from Dreamshop and fancy masks from GoCHeeKS. There was … Continue reading Spring is in the air at Beauty and Fashion

Artworks For The Soul

In these unprecedented times of stress caused by Covid-19, artworks can influence our mood in a positive way, making us feel happier and calmer. While some may just want to decorate their living spaces,  there are many who love to see their favourite painting after coming home from work. ‘’They actually live with their art and … Continue reading Artworks For The Soul

Enjoy With Cool Gadgets

In our modern lifestyle, we look for gadgets that make our lives more enjoyable while giving us that added convenience and comfort. Gadgets can set the tone for the day, improve our mood and take us away from stressful moments; smart gadgets keep us up-to-date with the latest innovations. To celebrate happy occasions, they are … Continue reading Enjoy With Cool Gadgets

Refresh and restyle your space

When we listen to “Take Me Home, Country Roads,’’ we are reminded of blue skies and the beautiful landscape around our childhood homes. What about our current homes? Does the song also evoke the same sense of excitement and longing for us to be back home where, as the saying goes, our hearts are? People … Continue reading Refresh and restyle your space

Treasures for precious moments at home

As many people are staying many hours at home during this period of high alert against Covid-19, they will want their environment to be pleasing and comfortable. Home is not only a place where we work, it is also a place where we find comfort and memories of being happy together with our loved ones. … Continue reading Treasures for precious moments at home

Fashion items from Penan artisan weavers

Penan weavers, as organized under Helping Hands Penan (HH Penan), are coming up with new designs and colour combinations that lend a contemporary feel to their products. Still in good demand, the bags have gained popularity in the market that also supports a good cause. “The beautiful, practical and affordable products speak for themselves,’’ said … Continue reading Fashion items from Penan artisan weavers

Shop for Good at Beautiful Gate

Yap Leng Kuen did a Shop For Good. She says: It’s nothing like the smell of good coffee in the morning. Shopping for a good cause, I bought a box of BG Coffee with five drip bags. Processed by people with disabilities at Beautiful Gate Foundation, the coffee beans come from the highlands of Chiang Rai, Thailand. … Continue reading Shop for Good at Beautiful Gate

Artisan who enjoys jewellery making process

Yap Leng Kuen talks to Nini Chan, an artisan who enjoys jewellery making process. Nini Chan, founder of Nini Jeweller Atelier, enjoys the process of creating a piece of jewellery the most, in her business of crafting and selling these valuable items. “The process from drawing, based on imagination, to a realized form, and meeting … Continue reading Artisan who enjoys jewellery making process

MCO 2.0 deals blow to Gem & Bread

Yap Leng Kuen talks to Sharayna Radhakrishnan of Gem and Bread about how MCO 2.0 deals blow to Gem & Bread. This second round of the Movement Control Order (MCO) period  has made it very hard for not only small businesses but also schools for people with special needs, like Gem & Bread. Gem & … Continue reading MCO 2.0 deals blow to Gem & Bread

Embun Spa gets creative in hard times

Yap Leng Kuen talks to Embun Spa about getting creative in hard times. Hard times have fallen on the spa business, and Embun Spa founder Aishah Ahmad will have to get creative to keep coming up with new products and packages. While the current Movement Control Order (MCO) period is on, customers can take up … Continue reading Embun Spa gets creative in hard times

New designs to revive sales hit by CMCO

Yap Leng Kuen talks to May Wong of C&W Classic Jewellery about reviving sales with new designs. Having sustained her business for 18 years, C&W Classic Jewellery founder May Wong was confronted with a sudden drop in sales when the second Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) was announced last October. She quickly moved in new … Continue reading New designs to revive sales hit by CMCO

BG Coffee project for the disabled

Ivy Pua talks to Yap Leng Kuen about Beautiful Gate Foundation BG Coffee project for the disabled. Believing that they should teach people with disabilities ‘how to fish,’ Beautiful Gate (BG) Foundation is helping its members to process coffee beans for sale. While the coffee beans come from Chiang Rai in Thailand, selection of the … Continue reading BG Coffee project for the disabled

Ayam TanSeri

A grocery business born out of the pandemic The pandemic had taken its toll on gyms and personal trainers, like Harizon Ramli, were left with very few clients to train. Seeing an uncertain future, PT of 12 years, Harizon Ramli, had quickly transitioned into the grocery business, selling fresh food, fruits and vegetables, as well … Continue reading Ayam TanSeri

Ng Wymin & His Adventure

Ng Wymin started his adventure in wildlife photography seven years ago, following the late YY Chin, retired banker and ardent photographer, to the wilds in Africa. Armed with a beginner camera initially, he soon developed a love for wildlife. He has vivid memories of the gorillas in Rwanda, where the volcanic range which spans Rwanda, … Continue reading Ng Wymin & His Adventure

A man, a camera and a plan

Sale of wildlife photos to fund center, find jobs for the autistic In Malaysia, autistic children have good educational resources but only until they are 18. As adults, they are left with little or no guidance, or find themselves in a normal work place environment which rarely respects their special abilities. They are given menial … Continue reading A man, a camera and a plan

Harizon Ramli By Yap Leng Kuen

One-stop online center for fitness With emphasis on contactless exercise, a new normal has emerged in online fitness training. The Artisans Haven opens its virtual doors to its first one-stop online fitness center that will focus on exercise, diet and nutrition. To be run by American Council on Exercise (ACE) certified coach Harizon Ramli, this … Continue reading Harizon Ramli By Yap Leng Kuen

520 Style By Yap Leng Kuen

Active promotion of styles on Facebook live The pandemic is no deterrent to 520 Style boutique as it goes on Facebook live to actively promote the latest styles that are mostly imported from South Korea. Staff doubling up as models will don these fashions, while highlighting their special features to viewers, who may then indicate … Continue reading 520 Style By Yap Leng Kuen

Toko Tjantik by Yap Leng Kuen

Toko Tjantik sees good sales of fashion masks Professional by day, Liony Tanuwijaya spends her after hours attending to her newly-opened Toko Tjantik. Launched only in September, the online fashion store based in Jakarta has received encouraging response, especially for handmade, customized, or one-of-a-kind products. “Our fashion masks have received a lot of attention; we cannot … Continue reading Toko Tjantik by Yap Leng Kuen

The Linc By Yap Leng Kuen

Looking to revive activities at The Linc With a vaccine against Covid-19 expected soon, trendy retail mall The Linc, that supports community-related projects, is drawing up plans for people to converge and have activities again. “As the mall comes alive again, we will create back lots of community-driven projects. “There will be a lot of … Continue reading The Linc By Yap Leng Kuen

Camei by Yap Leng Kuen

Concern over shortage of massage therapists Business at Camei Foot Reflexology may be down at the moment on fears over Covid-19, but the shortage of massage therapists is a concerning issue as the company prepares for better times. With news of a possible vaccine coming out as early as next year, the company wants to … Continue reading Camei by Yap Leng Kuen

VIVE Success

Bringing Out the Creativity Vive creations brings out my creativity. I designed most of the artisans digital mall here, before translating it on the computer. Old fashion, ya but it works.Jade Lee. It doesn’t matter if it’s a birthday, Christmas, or even just a random act of kindness- there’s just something special about receiving a … Continue reading VIVE Success